Ongava Tented Camp – February 2014

Feb 28, 2014 Ongava Tented Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The weather has really not changed and we have had no rain for a while now, which is a 50/50 good/bad thing for guests and animals alike, although we are really hoping for substantial rain soon. Humid days still rock Ongava and the skies have been wonderful, especially with the full moon on the horizon.

The rain in and around Etosha has truly highlighted the wonders of Mother Nature. Our guests have been spoiled even though the rain seemed to work against the guides. Abram has been very lucky with an excellent one-hour sighting of a leopard and a bonus of Fifty Shades of Grey, another leopard, going under the vehicle.

Otherwise it was a case of the usual suspects on the reserve as well as one of the most beautiful moringa trees we have seen in a while. The camp waterhole always has some sort of activity, causing us to regularly say “Welcome to Ongava Tented Camp, where nature is still wild and exciting!”

Etosha looks absolutely beautiful after some rain and the Okaukuejo Waterhole looks very “Blake Lively”…

“Ongava International” also didn’t miss out on the action as a massive puff adder (one metre long) seemed to be saying, “Farewell, somebody’s going to miss you” to some of our reserve guests.

Activities in Camp
We have been busy with some outdoor lunch setups, a celebration of Valentine’s Day and sundowner setups for the guests.

Guest comments
“Rhino fight, pool and view of the waterhole”
“Lovely staff and personal service, waterhole viewings”
“Rhino and Lions”

Newsletter and photos by Louis, Emsie and Abram


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