Ongava Tented Camp – June 2014

Jun 30, 2014 Ongava Tented Camp
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Weather and landscape:
This year has been an odd one with rain still falling late in the year. That said, it made the most beautiful sunsets for everyone on the Ongava Game Reserve – with the rain clouds in the distance the sunset looked breathtaking. The mornings have been cold with the midday being nice and warm, the temperatures hovering at between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius, but at times, the nights have been just as cold as the mornings.

The OTC Pride was seen around camp most of the month until the former ‘true king’ of the OTC, a male called Stompie, accompanied by his two brothers, came back into the area, wreaking havoc with the OTC Pride. One evening, after fighting and roaring, the new dominant male consummated his relationship with one of the females, in full view of the guests having dinner!

Guests also enjoyed great sightings of elephant on the Ongava Reserve at a waterhole frequented by rhino. The Margo House waterhole hide has provided some outstanding viewing of rhino too.

Guest highlights

  • Sunset rides
  • Lion viewing, the rhinos
  • Dancing and singing at dinner, rhinos, lions roaring
  • Closeness to the lions was special
  • Waterhole @ camp, viewing the lions and bush dinner

Camp Activities
With the start of a new season, we are gearing up for bush dinners etc. As a team we cleared the area we want to use for bush dinners over the course of three days to the sounds of much laughter, ending up with aching limbs afterwards.

Taking safari to another level we prepared a potjiekos dinner in the main area, cooking over an open fire to allow guests to really feel part of the bush experience.

Staff news
A lot has happened: Therens and Olga have moved across to Andersson’s Camp, while we have welcomed Kavena, Karlula and Vincent to the team.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Festus, Emsie, Louis and Vincent
Guides: Rio, Bono, Leon and Abram


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