Ongava Tented Camp - September 2012

Oct 9, 2012 Ongava Tented Camp
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Weather and Landscape
September has brought in the summer! We moved from one season to the next within 24 hours...or at least that's what it felt like. We still had a few chilly days in the month but all in all it has been a very hot month with temperatures often reaching a high of 35 degrees Celsius but with cooler and more comfortable evening and morning temperatures?all in preparations for the hot months ahead!

In general, this month has been good for sightings. All our guests seem to enjoy going to Etosha as they are able to see big herds of wildlife at the waterholes, especially after lunch when one starts seeing big family groups of elephant, creating endless hours of entertainment. Lions have also been a big favourite in Etosha and many sightings have been reported.

Lions have also been seen all over the Ongava Reserve and many prides currently have cubs and many guests have enjoyed watching these energetic youths playing and interacting with each other. The OTC Pride has also been very active around camp, making the walk from the main area to the room quite an adventure.

White rhino sightings have been very good, especially at the waterholes. The quiet giants approach the waterhole so silently that they almost feel like ghosts approaching, although they do become somewhat noisy when they enjoy a healthy mud bath.

Other animals have also been consistently visiting the waterhole, especially at around lunch time. It is truly the best time to be in camp and to enjoy a dip in the pool while drinking a cold beer. The waterbuck and the zebra are always a treat to watch as they quench their thirst and relax in front of camp.

September has also been a month of bush fires. Etosha had a few fires to fight and sadly Ongava was also affected by a big fire. This fire had our fire fighting teams busy for six days before getting it under control. Hopefully we will receive some rain soon to regenerate the vegetation.

At the end of September we had our annual animal census which took place during the full moon.

Guest Comments
"Bono was easy to talk to, helpful and friendly. We felt safe with him. Festus was organized and efficient, warm and patient with our questions. Belinda and Jakes were friendly and helpful. Silvia was pleasant and informative. All staff were knowledgeable and kind and treated us well. The way your staff interacted with us made us feel welcome and helped us to understand so much about Namibia and the folks who live here. We would like to come back."

"Etosha game drive - elephants washing themselves was amazing. Also the two white rhino with calves in Ongava and of course the giraffe that joined us for sundowners while we stayed in camp. Me-Gusto was an excellent guide - he has a good sense of humour and was very considerate to all four us. A big thank you for looking after my special dietary requirements. "

Staff in Camp
Managers: Silvia Morgante, Corne Cocklin, Inge Kambatuku and Festus Eiseb.
Guides: Rio Aibeb, Leon Basson, Bono Gauseb and Me-Gusto Busch.

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