Pelo Camp – July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 Pelo Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The weather at Pelo was most enjoyable during July, though as the days went by, the evenings as well as the mornings started getting a bit nippy and a warm jacket was appreciated. Every other evening the wind would start with a lovely breeze which would later become a very cold night. However, as cold as the evenings and mornings were, the days warmed up and by lunchtime it was very comfortable. Clear skies in the mornings created great opportunities for memorable breakfasts and brunches on the sun deck.

Here at Pelo there is always something happening. From a resident hippo bull grazing next to your tent while you are trying to sleep to a resident elephant bull – also snoring next to your tent… well at least someone is getting a good night’s rest! We were also visited by a very big breeding herd of elephant that was grazing on the island not too far away from the guest tents.

Our resident elephant bull (who some guests started calling Jack) loves coming to say hello to the guests while they are enjoying a lovely breakfast in the dining room. He tends to shake the palm trees close to the dining room to get to the tasty palm nuts.

As the guests arrive at Jao airstrip, they have amazing sightings of the lion pride that has been spending time close to the airstrip. Crocodiles are being seen on a regular basis… from small and adorable to the big and scary. On one fantastic morning while having breakfast on the sun deck, we had an amazing sighting of a spotted-necked otter swimming peacefully in the Delta waters nearby. General game leading from the airstrip to the jetty is always memorable.

In front of the camp, hippos start animated conversations with one another, causing guests to stop talking and just listen to the sounds.

Birds and Birding
The birdlife here at Pelo is just unbelievable and guests enjoy truly extraordinary sightings of the Pel’s fishing-owl. One memorable sighting was of two Pel’s fishing-owls (a female and a juvenile male) interacting in a tree and just above them were two African fish-eagles. Now, these two species don’t sit around the same table as it were, so the interaction between them felt like something out of a story book!

 Guests were able to get very nice photos of the African fish-eagles as well as a Verreaux's (giant) eagle-owl. Every other day we tend to see a bearded woodpecker trying to make its mark on a tree, but not always successfully.

In the morning while having breakfast outside, we hear the crested barbet calling not too far away. Swamp boubou are also in the area, either with a mate or trying to look for one.

 For the first time in my experience I saw an African pied wagtail which was just wonderful! To top it off we’ve seen a paradise flycatcher as well. Palm swifts are lovely to see flying gracefully around the palm trees.

Guest Comment
Fabulous, staff and managers, John our guide was wonderful! Animal activity on the island, the beautiful delta scenery, comfy beds, outdoor shower, sunsets, sundowners, every thanks!

Bucket showers! The sunsets from the bar! Jack’s visits are exciting! The uniqueness of the accommodation, the location and learning about the Delta. The choir fabulous!

The many small artistic touches were both noticed and appreciated. The camp choir is a highlight we will remember for a long time.

Our mokoro canoe ride was spectacular and offered us a fantastic contrast from the previous week’s excursions and activities. The camp itself also provided such a dramatic contrast to our previous accommodations, both in locale and general ambience. All A+ experiences, but something about Pelo made it a little jewel in our trip and my husband and I are so grateful for its inclusion in our itinerary. Giving us this fantastic experience in the Okavango was really magical. Henk and his staff could not have been more welcoming and helpful. We also especially loved our surprise lunch after our mokoro trip: many thanks


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