Pelo Camp - November 2013

Nov 19, 2013 Pelo Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The weather has been fantastic this month. We did have a few very hot days that seemed like they would never cool off, but as soon as the sun went down you could feel the relief of a cool breeze easing over from the east of camp, resulting in lovely cool nights. We had a number of rainstorms with loud rumbles of thunder and bursts of lightning – always exciting!

Our guide had to make haste for the camp on a few occasions so as not to get caught in the storm and get the guests wet. The surrounding water level is still dropping slowly, which brings a lot of the water birds closer to the edges as well as closer to camp as they hunt for smaller fish and frogs.

Guests were entertained by hippo close to the camp on boat trips in the morning. The hippo were displaying their big tusks and also showed off with some young ones that stayed very close to the mother’s side, with the big male keeping them safe behind him.

We had some really big elephant bulls walking on the pathway one morning and had to escort our French guests who wanted to take photographs of these magnificent animals. We also saw several breeding herds of elephant going through the shallows in front of the camp with young ones trumpeting and putting the rest of them on a high-speed chase to the nearest island.

Guests were lucky to see sitatunga on several mokoro trips, with the sun in the morning lighting them up beautifully. We have also had plenty of lechwe around camp.

Birding and Birding
Sightings on the water have been great. Guests saw several species of heron fishing and stretching their wings in the early morning sun. Most enjoyed the goliath heron with its majestic posture and amazing wingspan as they gracefully take off with legs dangling in the water. The lesser jacanas and darters provided great entertainment as they chased each other around whilst guests were on mokoro trips. A Pel’s fishing-owl has been spotted on the island again, and this time had a fluffy youngster with it.

Camp Activities
We took guests fishing and swimming on several occasions. Usually the guide caught the biggest fish, but every now and then a guest would show him that they also knew something about fishing. The fun of a catch, a picture and then releasing the fish is always something special.

Our season has come to an end and for now we are packing up and closing until next year April when we open again. We look forward to hosting more guests next year when the water level has risen once again and we will be able to boat further afield.

Staff in Camp
Managers: André Erasmus and Lené Stopforth
Guide: Ngande (Moja) Ramocha


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