Ruckomechi Camp - June 2017

Jun 4, 2017 Ruckomechi Camp
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Climate and Landscape

June welcomed cool, misty mornings, warmer afternoons and cool evenings. The lowest temperature for the month was 12° Celsius and a maximum temperature of 30° C was recorded. As the month progressed towards July, the mornings and afternoons became cooler, showing signs that July was promising to be much colder.

As the vegetation thins out at a rapid pace, the bush is changing from green to brown and it is clear that winter is approaching. The thinning vegetation has allowed for better visibility for game viewing out on drives.

The acacia pods have begun to fall; this is always a welcome time of the year for the elephants. The balanitis trees are fruiting, which has brought the elephants into camp too. One particular elephant returns often to shake the balanitis at the main area deck in order to enjoy its next snack.

The Cassia abbreviata tree is now in flower whilst the sausage tree continues to fruit too. The nyala tree is developing pods which are expected to fall in August/September. This will draw kudu and other antelope to graze once the pods drop.

Where to start… June gave our guests some truly memorable sightings.

Most nights they fell asleep to the melody of the “African Bush” – made up of lion calls, hippo grunts and armoured crickets. This was a talking point during most breakfasts before guests enthusiastically headed out on morning activities to search for the lion that had been calling the previous night.

For a couple of days during the month a mating pair of lions made for a fantastic sighting for guests. One group of guests was excited to witness an elephant mock-charging the mating pair. Throughout the month, nearly all of our guests were privileged to see leopard.

With the bush slowly drying out, the water inland is also drying up. This has brought the elephants down to the river. Guests were also lucky to see herds of elephants swimming across the channel in front of camp, over to the islands. On one occasion, during an afternoon canoe safari, three guests were fortunate to see a hippo giving birth!

Birds and Birding
The river frontage never disappoints when it comes to birdlife on the concession.

The white fronted bee-eaters continue to nest in the banks of the river. Guests are always thrilled to have such a sighting whilst on a cruise.

The African skimmers are beginning to arrive and are expected to stick around until November or perhaps December. A few guests spotted a martial eagle.

Guests Comments
“Watching the elephant try and face off with the lion was pretty impressive! Food was fantastic, catered very well to vegetarians and lactose intolerant guests.’

“Great game viewing. Gracious and efficient staff! Great food! Delightful tent and camp facilities.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Dylan and Michelle
Assistant Manager: Eddie
Trainee Managers: JoAnn and Bhobho
Guides: Chris, Nyenge, Engelbert, Kambazvi, Tendai Gobbi (boat)
Guide: Kurt

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