Ruckomechi Camp - October 2012

Nov 21, 2012 Ruckomechi Camp
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Weather and Landscape
This month we experienced some hot and windy conditions, but no rain to date.

In the mopane forests, the spring flush is starting to come through, the beautiful jasmine trees are flowering - giving a sweet scent to the environment on night drives. The wild mangoes have started to fruit and so have the large fever berries. Some of the pioneer grass species have also burst into bloom, covering the ground in a sea of green.

October was a very rewarding month in terms of game viewing. Animals were seen in large numbers along the floodplain on a daily basis: The likes of elephant, buffalo and plains game such as zebra, waterbuck, warthog and impala.

A large number of elephant were seen crossing the river to the islands across from camp to feed. The highlights for the month included the cheetah - which showed up after disappearing for a long time from the area and is now seen regularly - and our resident lioness ("the old gal") has successfully produced a cub, which is fantastic, as there are other young cubs in the pride - allowing for the mothers to allo-suckle. We also had a great sighting of a mating pair of lion. Still on the feline side of things, we had a great sighting of a leopard with her young cub.

Other great sightings for the month included wild dog, spotted hyaena and African civet.

Birds and Birding
October has always given us spectacular bird viewing and it is interesting to realise the special species that have been seen this time: Pel's fishing-owl, gabar goshawk (melanistic form), peregrine falcon - but nothing really catches the eye more than the first fishing attempt by a juvenile fish eagle. For the whole season we have watched the breeding behaviour of this particular African fish-eagle family, from incubation to the first flight of the fledgling this October. It has been a privilege joining them on their life's journey.

Guest Comments
"What a fantastic camp in a beautiful location with wonderful staff. Our guide Bono was excellent and shared great information. I loved the diversity of activities as well as the diversity of the concession. Wild dogs were definitely a highlight."

"The general atmosphere at Ruckomechi was magical. Variety of game and landscape, wonderful people and great game sightings. Thanks to all the staff members especially Dharmesh and Sandy."

"The view was breathtaking - great wildlife. Thank you for everything."

Staff in Camp
Managers: Carel, Juliette, Sandy and Dan.
Guides: Gadreck, Kevin, Champion and Dharmesh.

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