Ruckomechi Camp - October 2017

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Climate and Landscape
The beginning of October promised a hot month with afternoons reaching the mid-40s and the early mornings starting in the 20s. Our highest temperature for the month was 47° Celsius with an average high of 40° C. Our lowest temperature for the month was 22.7° C. Then the first rains came at the end of October and cooled things down remarkably. We received a total of 105 mm.

 October started off very dry. The soaring temperatures made the Natal mahogany trees a popular place for game to rest under in the heat of the day. Given it was the only source of green vegetation, the river frontage also remained a popular place for browsers such as buffalo, eland, kudu and waterbuck. The acacia trees were still dropping their pods, and these continued to be a major drawcard for the elephants. After the rains, new shoots of green started showing through, creating some stunning landscape views.

Ruckomechi guests had a phenomenal month of wildlife sightings.

 The month started off with wild dogs and their pups being seen a few times, and this continued throughout the month. We also had some brilliant leopard as well as lion sightings, with plains game seen frequently along the river frontage. With the rain towards the end of the month, wildlife sightings quietened down slightly for a few days.

 Birds and Birding
October provided some fantastic bird sightings. The bee-eaters nesting in the banks of the Zambezi River are always a highlight of our guests’ stay, while the beautiful and very special Lilian’s lovebird was sighted in the Croc Pools area (Lilian’s lovebird is found only in the Zambezi Valley).

 Guest Comments

“Every day was a new experience so we cannot pick out the highlights.”

 “What a happy, friendly place to spend a few days. Game viewing was spectacular and the fishing was fun.”

 “The kindness of the staff, making special efforts to avoid food allergies, the game drives. Thank you to Dylan and Everard for your great attitude and management skills.”

Staff in Camp

Managers: Dylan and Everard

Assistant Manager: Eddie

Trainee Managers: JoAnn and Bhobho


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