Savuti Camp - April 2018

Apr 12, 2018 Savuti Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The channel is slowly filling up and the water levels are rising every day.  Recent and late rainfall in the Angolan highlands has seen the Kavango River burst its banks! The Zambezi will soon reach seven metres in height, the highest it’s been in a very long time.  This means there will be lots of metsi (water) this coming season.  Autumn is approaching, but we received very late rains towards the beginning of April which have topped up the local pans significantly. Temperatures are averaging a beautiful 28° Celsius, with crisp, clear blue skies. 

Evenings and mornings are beginning to get a little bit cooler and our guides and guests are starting to gear up for the winter. In other exciting news for the coming months, we will be announcing our winter menu soon with some tasty delights that will satisfy every palate.

We were blessed with amazing sightings, guests, and weather during the month of April.  The pack of 14 wild dogs was sighted in camp, the two big male lions came into camp, and to top it off we had CHEETAH! Yes, two cheetah were seen literally in camp.  These canines turned up on our doorstep, and according to the guides have not been seen in the area for over two years. Thrilling stuff – especially happening very close to camp.

Game viewing also included leopard, the pride of lion with cubs, exceptional birding and loads of elephant.  The concession is teeming with game as we approach the winter months, and we have started to see buffalo and zebra herds frequenting the area – all very exciting. 

Camp Activities
Boating season is here again, and as the levels rise, the beautiful 45-minute drive to the boat station has been followed by exhilarating fishing excursions with our guests. The boating experience presents a different perspective of the Linyanti as well as exceptional birding and aquatic life. 

Whilst out and about, keep a look out for the two-legged animals of the Savute – they might just surprise you with a welcoming smoothie stop, bush tea, or sundowner. These are always a happy sight, giving our guests a chance to stretch their legs during their safari outing.

Camp News
Dumela Savuti and Linyanti, from Sean and Megan!  It is with a great deal of gratitude that we would like to introduce ourselves here, albeit only digitally.  We are very pleased to announce that we will be Savuti’s new general management couple, and will strive to continue the legacy of this incredible camp going forward.  We have come via Mombo and Vumbura Plains, and are ecstatic to call Savuti our new home. Megan and I, and the whole Savuti team, look forward to hosting you in the coming months and years to come.

Our exceptional guiding team, and the Linyanti as a whole, is very sad to announce that Goodman Ndlovu will be leaving us at the end of April 2018.  His passion and knowledge is renowned the world over, and will be sorely missed in the Linyanti. Goodman will be moving to Chitabe after 11 years at Savuti, delighting our guests with his humility, and passion for the area and conservation in general. Whether it is fire walking/blowing in the boma or simply taking the time to educate and train fellow guides, Goodman, your legacy is assured.  Savuti and the Linyanti would like to wish you the very best with this new adventure – we will always keep our doors open for you. “Tsmaya sentle, good friend.”

Staff in Camp

Managers: Megan, Sean, Sally, Naledi, Moss, Jackie

Guides: Goodman, Andy, Timmy, Onks, Emmanuel

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