Savuti Camp - June 2015

Jun 1, 2015 Savuti Camp
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Climate and Landscape
We are smack in the middle of winter here in the Linyanti with temperatures dropping to 3 or 4° Celsius in the evenings and early mornings. This makes our legendary 'bush babies' (aka hot water bottles) a must-have in your bed or on your lap in the vehicle. On the bright side we are experiencing lovely daytime temperatures with an average maximum of 26°. Cloudless sunny days and our spectacular orange winter sunsets make every day extraordinary at Savuti. The late rains we had in April have left the landscape very green and lush with a lot of waterholes still full.

Sightings in the Linyanti were on top form during June. Daily encounters with high-profile animals left our guests not only with amazing memories and photographs, but even speechless at times.

This is the time for elephants. We saw more than 200 on one drive out – they are everywhere! Trumpeting, splashing and rolling in the channel or feeding outside the rooms in the camp.

Then there were the cats. We saw two big male lions very close to camp that we did not recognise, and our guides speculate that they might be the two old Chobe Boys which have come back into the area. Later in the month we found them again on a big giraffe carcass.
Male lion at Savuti Camp, Botswana

Leopard sightings were frequent and fantastic too. From seeing a leopard on a kill, to seeing two leopards together, stalking and feeding or sleeping on the ground and in trees. We even saw our resident female leopard hunting openbill storks right next to the Savuti dining area!

The Zib Pack has left the Linyanti and we speculate that their two pregnant females have denned on the neighbouring Concession. The Kings Pool and LTC Packs were seen frequently all over the Linyanti Concession however, and we are pleased to note they are looking healthy.

For those of you who know our guide, Lucky, he really lived up to his name and then some this month. He was credited with the two most exciting sightings of the month a pangolin and a cheetah! What’s more the cheetah was on an impala kill… look out for Lucky, the next top guide of Africa!

Other rare sightings this month included honey badgers in camp, a big herd of sable antelope, a caracal, and many hyaena.

Birds and Birding
One of Africa's most beautiful sounds has to be the call of an African fish-eagle. We have a breeding pair here at Savuti which wakes us up every morning. Other special bird sightings were a martial eagle, Verreaux’s eagle-owl, many herons, tiny pearl-spotted owlets and majestic kori bustard.
African fish eagle at Savuti Camp, Botswana

Special Activities
We had a few brave guests wanting to sleep out on the deck – in these chilly temperatures! Star talks and a private engagement bush dinner were among just a few of our ‘wow’ activities this month.
Sundowners at Savuti Camp, Botswana

Staff in Camp
Managers: Anelle, Kang, Masaka and Julia

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