Savuti Camp - June 2017

Jun 7, 2017 Savuti Camp
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Climate and Landscape
June in Savuti is a typical winter month: blue skies, sunshine and… cold mornings. With the changing of the seasons temperatures drop as soon as the sun sets, and it gets as cold as 3° Celsius in the morning! As the day progresses and the sun pops up, the lack of clouds brings the values up to 35° C, which creates a dilemma when choosing which clothes to wear. One of the best things about winter is the clear skies at night, which, added to the lack of light pollution in the bush, provide stunning stargazing moments with the Southern Cross, Scorpio and the Milky Way being, literally, the stars of the show.

The Savute Channel is still flowing in front of camp, and with some of the nearby waterholes drying up, more kudu are seen. A family of warthogs regularly came to have a drink in front of the bar and elephants were around for the last two weeks of the month, both in family herds and lone bulls, delighting our guests! Buffalo have been moving to the area and were spotted in big numbers, with large herds seen crossing the channel in front of camp on several occasions.

June was also the month of the lion in Savuti! There was plenty of activity and the local pride was seen pretty much every single day, tracked by our fabulous guides! The big performers were the two females and their five cubs. As they grow up, the little cats like to pass their time exploring and fighting with each other, or annoying the adults. The two big males that roam the area were seen a few times with the rest of the pride. They were pretty well fed with kills of zebra, impala and buffalo! Other predators were also around, with a great sighting (amongst others) of a leopard male by Goodman, and wild dogs were seen several times throughout the month. One of the packs is thought to have pups and everyone is working hard trying to find their den!

On one occasion a group of guests was watching two lionesses resting in the shade when a herd of unaware zebra came into the picture. Both cats instantly raised their heads and went into stalk mode, opening the distance between them as they were getting close to their prey in order to raise their chances of success. Suddenly, the chase broke off with the panicked zebra stampeding away from our vehicle while being chased by the hungry lions! Soon they were out of sight as the group did a left turn and went behind thick bushes, leaving the lionesses behind, out of breath. Just as our guests thought the action was over, the guide picked up strange noises in the distance where the zebra had fled, and on further inspection they found one of the male lions with a fresh zebra kill! Soon the females followed, and after a quick bite one female moved off, and we can only assume she went to get the hungry cubs for a feast. For that male lion, I guess that’s what we call being in the right place at the right time!

Birdlife was magnificent and we saw white egrets and pied kingfishers, as well as guineafowls roosting in front of one of the guest tents.

Camp Activities
We had a number of amazing sundowners with our guests and even had a smoothie stop for a family with children, organised by our beautiful Bush Buddy, Kelly.

Guest Comments
“Wilderness speaks to me on every level. After nearly 20 years to be able to return with my family and friends is indescribable, I have never had another experience that touches my soul, like my time within this beautiful country and with wilderness family. Truly brings me to tears of the deepest appreciation you could ever imagine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Seeing the two lionesses, the five cubs and also the male lion .A wild dog finishing off the kill. Onx was a very good guide and gave a lot of information. This is our third Wilderness camp on this amazing holiday. It has truly been a trip of a lifetime, not only have we seen so many animals and birds in their natural habitat but the guides have given us so much information about the animals and the area. The Botswana people have been so warm, welcoming and we have been privileged to learn so much about your culture, life in the beautiful country. Thanks again, would love to come back but New Zealand is so far.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Mamma Bee, Nuno, Sally, Naledi, Julia
Guides: Goodman, Lucky, Onx, Tops, ST

Newsletter Compiled by Nuno Cardoso

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