Savuti Camp – March 2014

Mar 31, 2014 Savuti Camp
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Climate and Landscape
March has been an interesting month regarding rainfall and we have had some spectacular thunderstorms, mostly at night. We received 70 mm of rain for the month. The temperature has been fairly cool at 19° Celsius minimum and 21° maximum. In the early hours of the morning we can feel the onset of winter approaching.
The sunsets have been magical and when we see the sun set over the Savute Channel we truly realise we are in paradise.

Our guides have been working very hard and have had some great results for guests, from sightings of wild dog and lion to hyaena and elephant – as well as general game from impala, kudu and hippo to giraffe and zebra.

We have found a new pride of lion in the area that is very cautious of us at the moment, but hopefully all the members will get used to us very soon.

On two occasions our guests saw herds of elephant cross the Channel.

There has also been a lot of love around the Savute area with our lions mating and hopefully this means in about four months’ time we will have cubs!

We also had the privilege of following a female leopard looking for a mate one evening – hopefully she found one and we can look forward to baby leopards in the near future.

The hippos have also been making their presence felt at sundowners… but the most exciting sighting of all was when Goodman had the privilege of watching two hyaena clans do battle over territory; needless to say he was smiling from ear to ear when he got back to camp!

Birds and Birding
When you live somewhere as pristine as Savuti Camp you cannot help but notice the birdlife around you. Our guests have been privy to southern ground hornbills, open-billed storks, woodland kingfishers, vultures and many more. When guests spend time in camp during siesta they are often lucky enough to be serenaded by the African fish-eagle, which is surely the true sound of Africa.

Camp Activities
Work has commenced on our new kitchen which we hope to finish by the end of April; needless to say we are all excited to see the finished product.


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