Seba Camp - April 2016

Apr 20, 2016 Seba Camp
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Climate and Landscape
April was another beautiful month at Seba with minimal rainfall – we had just 22 mm for the entire month. Most days were cool in the mornings and hot in the afternoons. The temperature reached a maximum of 39° Celsius and a minimum of 11° C.

It is great to see that the inundation has now reached our Concession. The lagoon in front of the main area is filling up slowly and there is a noticeable change in water level compared to last month. After the late rains we received this year it is evident that this welcome precipitation has contributed to restoring the Okavango to its green glory. We are expecting still more water from the inundation which will provide relief to some of the permanent floodplains that were threatening to dry up completely.

We watched a tremendous clash between two bull elephants that were in musth and fighting over females. One was grievously injured and died the next day, which brought in a lot of predators. A male leopard known as Mmolai appeared first and started feeding on the dead elephant; later large numbers of vultures and hyaenas arrived on the scene. With all the meat we saw hyaenas and vultures every day for some days and the smell around the carcass was very strong for us humans – for the hyaenas however, it was a huge feast.

Guides out on game drives spotted a lot of general game including big herds of elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, buffalo and hippos out of the water, as well as antelope such as kudu, impala, bushbuck and many more.

Elephants are coming into camp more and more to feed on the vegetation here, occasionally coming in quite close to the main area and providing great sightings for our guests.

A female leopard known as Bame was seen to the south of our new airstrip with her cub, both looking very relaxed.

Birds and Birding
We had a wonderful sighting of eight wattled cranes together with some 17 saddle-billed storks. Other noteworthy birds that were spotted in the area were hamerkops and long-tailed plovers.

Camp News
Honeymooners are always a favourite at Seba and we treat them to a surprise dinner next to the swimming pool at their tent. It is something they always enjoy as it is completely unexpected. A private dinner that starts with an ice-cold bottle of champagne is a romantic delight for these couples.

Guest Comments
“Everything about Seba was fantastic! Speedy was by far one of the most enjoyable guides we have had. The management and staff were great and the food was superb.”
“So many highlights! The spectacular private dinner, the huge incredible room, the private pool, the top, top quality food and the very intelligent and educated guide Jakes.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Mish and Alex
Guides: Speedy and Jakes
Newsletter by Mish
Photos by Speedy

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