Seba Camp - August 2016

Aug 7, 2016 Seba Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The temperatures mostly reflected typical August conditions and it appears the unseasonal cold snap is finally behind us and we can safely say summer is here. We recorded a low of 12° Celsius and a maximum of 32° C.

August was outstanding in terms of animal sightings. The abundance of life on the floodplain around Seba was amazing with a number of big buffalo bulls spending the entire day in the water taking advantage of the floating greenery in the Delta, quietly feeding on the aquatic plants.

Massive herds of other buffalo were also seen, mostly on the western and southern sides of the Abu Concession, where they consequently attracted numerous predators.

Monkeys were regularly seen around camp showing off their pert and pretty babies while another consistent source of entertainment for our guests in camp were the elephant. Big herds came off the floodplain near Seba and across all corners of our concession they were also seen feeding, bathing and displaying their fascinating behaviour.

Among the numerous other game sightings for the month were giraffe, bushbuck, warthog, wildebeest and impala.

Our concession was blessed with some amazing predator sightings – lions mostly – and our most recent encounter was of a big male with three females feeding on a baby zebra. On another occasion the cats were spotted feeding on an adult giraffe carcass; the feast went on for a couple of days until a clan of hyaena took over. The lion sightings for August ended on a high with the pride of five seen with another giraffe kill.

Wild dog also provided epic viewing and were, along with the lions, right at the top of our predator sightings. We were particularly privileged to welcome a pack of 14 close to Seba Camp one afternoon, giving our guests a great opportunity to view these amazing creatures in action. On another encounter the dogs were seen playfully interacting near the old Abu airstrip where they comprehensively entertained their delighted audience of onlookers. The most jaw-dropping sighting of the dogs was watching take down two buffalo calves on the same spot on the western side of the airstrip – a sighting that ended our dog sightings for the month on a particularly high note.

Leopard sightings during August were rather more minimal, but nonetheless amazing. One evening staff was surprised to see a new female leopard that has been sighted around the concession recently silently padding through camp while our guests were all at dinner. The following morning guides showed our amazed guests the cat’s spoor. This was followed by one of our resident leopard spotted feeding on a young bushbuck.

Birds and Birding
Birding was excellent, with a tremendous variety of beautiful and colourful birds displaying their plumage around our concession. We had good sightings of little bee-eaters on the floodplains as well as African jacanas, squacco herons, African fish-eagles, brown snake-eagles and even a Pel’s fishing-owl.

Guest Comments
“I have to compliment the staff at Seba camp. There was nothing that they could not do – even when we saw other guests being rather demanding! In particular Tsono our guide was amazing! He went out of his way and spent a lot of extra time with us as we were there mainly for photography. He quickly leant where we wanted to be, we never asked him twice. Amazing guide that could just not do enough for us.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Lops, Bame and Alex
Guides: Mate, Jakes and Tsono

Newsletter and pictures by Lops.

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