Seba Camp - March 2017

Mar 12, 2017 Seba Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The waters have not yet arrived but the water levels are still high from all the rain we received over the past months. The lush green is so beautiful and the grasses are high, making the landscape even more mesmerising than before. The temperatures were mostly moderate with a high of 37° Celsius and low of 14° C.

We had great sightings this month including three female lions with two cubs, two different leopards, four wild dogs on a kill, two honey badgers and lots of birds and general game.

On our concession is a coalition of two adult male lions which we believe are between the ages of five and six years old. They are in excellent condition and one was seen mating with a sub-adult female which we believe could be pregnant – hence the frequent visits close to camp.

With the green summer conditions this has meant loads of babies from a good range of animals including kudu, giraffe, blue wildebeest, impala, zebra and monkeys to name just a few.

Hyaena from the local den have started coming out and we’ve seen sub-adult males and females around camp often. The number of lone buffalo males we’ve seen has also risen. This morning we spotted a shy leopard at Seba West.

For four days in a row we saw wild dogs on the concession; yesterday they were spotted at Kitty’s Pool on a kill and this morning they were spotted at Tractor Crossing.

Camp Activities

With the higher than usual water levels we had the chance to offer more activities for our guests. The channel is open and we can do more boating and mokoro excursions – just right for a Delta visit.


Guest Comments
“Staff was amazing, food was fantastic, everything was amazing I didn’t want to leave. This truly was an amazing experience! I would come back in a heartbeat. Love this place I will tell everyone about it. Everything was amazing! Thanks so much!”

“The surprise sundowner by the lagoon, pizza oven termite mount, unfortunate dead elephant but great for vultures. What an amazing time we have had at Seba Camp. Thank you very much. All the people we have met here have been so happy to see us, made us so welcome, and so very friendly. Big O was our guide, he was very knowledgeable and handled our jokes (‘What do you call a deer with no eyes?’ No idea), and made us feel safe with all the big and small wildlife. The food was great and well presented. We were lucky to be here on Monday and joined in with the singing and dancing round the camp fire, good to see both men and women singing lovely voices. I went out on a mokoro which was so peaceful and met the frog who has been keeping me awake GREAT EXPERIENCE.”

“We loved our time with Mate and Tsono. Kemm was so lovely to our group, all the staff was so amazing. Thank you.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Kemm, Alex, Kelly, Bame
Guides: Mate, Tsono and Big O

Report and photos by Kemm Wright

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