Seba Camp - November 2017

Nov 3, 2017 Seba Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Temperatures were up and down this month and we are hoping that we will receive our first heavy rains soon. It was cloudy in the mornings and afternoons with an average maximum temperature of about 40° Celsius and a minimum temperature of 10° C. The water level is also very low.

There were a few light showers thankfully, and many of the days had a steady breeze blowing through! Evening displays of lightning were mesmerising to watch but brought no rain.

Seba Lagoon is very low but still attracts animals for a drink in the form of resident buffalo, elephant, warthog families, bushbuck, impala and even a baby crocodile – and of course lots of birds.

This month we were blessed with an abundance of sightings. We saw many very large herds of buffalo and elephant.

One of our resident female leopards, Bame, was spotted with her two adorable cubs. Also a large unknown male leopard was sighted one morning at the management unit.

Two female lions with three cubs were sighted at Tractor Crossing and also on Madai Island, feeding on a warthog kill.

Eight wild dogs were seen this month, once at Marabou Pan and Tractor Crossing, playfully interacting as they so often do, to the delight of excited onlookers. The second sighting was in camp. They were seen there in the early morning, mobilising to the north.

Birds and Birding
Bird-wise we were treated to a relatively rare sighting of yellow-billed oxpeckers; also, lots of African fish-eagles, kingfishers and a thrilling Pel’s fishing owl at Seba Lagoon, actually seen eating a fish.

Guest Feedback

“The whole 3 days were an absolute delight - Seba team provided 5 star service.”

“Greetings in song, elephants, and surprise bush lunch were lovely. Kemm is a wonderful leader. She and her team were exceptionally considerate and anticipated our needs – they went the extra mile. Jakes was a wonderful guide and arranged a village tour for us. The chef was very creative and produced wonderful meals. Thank you Meltz.”

“The staff are incredible, our guide Jakes was our best guide in all of Botswana, the surprise lunch was so amazing. The staff at Seba are what will make us all come back here again. They are so special. Thank you for the welcome song. It warmed our hearts. You have a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and we cannot thank Kemm and her amazing team enough. Thanks for the special surprise lunch too. Love Cindy.

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