Seba Camp - September 2016

Sep 2, 2016 Seba Camp
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The temperatures continued to reflect what is usually expected at this time of year.The average minimum was 16° Celsius and the maximum 38° C. The water levels continue to drop daily but even though Seba Lagoon is drying we saw tremendous general game, especially around brunch and in the early mornings with the animals down to drink.

This month was amazing with tremendous general game and a lot of sightings, starting with a lioness with two sub-adult males and the three collared Southern Boys on a kudu kill, as well as 13 wild dogs hunting (with no luck) at Seba West. We saw the Southern Boys on another occasion, feeding on an elephant. Big herds of buffalo, elephant as well as hyaena were seen too.

Then, just the other day our guests had a great sighting of the 13 wild dogs killing a bushbuck. They also saw three female lions hunting, one female hyaena killing a buffalo with a broken leg at Seba West, one big male lion with one lioness and two cubs, hyaena puppies at the den and an unknown female lion with four cubs on a warthog kill on the other side of Seba Camp. One of the Southern Boys was seen mating with the unknown female lion. This was certainly the month of lions – but no leopards.

We watched 12 hippo for three consecutive days at Seba Lagoon; they entertained our guests right in front of camp.

Birds and Birding
The birding was excellent around Seba with a tremendous variety of colourful plumages. We had great moments with little bee-eaters on the floodplains along with African jacanas, squacco herons, African fish-eagles, brown snake-eagles, a Pel’s fishing-owl, Kori bustard (a rarity on our concession) and black coucal.

Camp News
Two weeks back we refurbished the camp, which included the installation of new furniture in the main area and new bed throws and cushions in the guest tents.

Lion researcher Carolyn Whitesell was on the concession during the month to remove collars from the three Southern Boys which she had collared in 2013. At first she managed to remove only two collars from the lions, but after searching for two days she managed to find the third male. She was ultimately successful and all went well.

On 21st September Lesh (Botswana Operations Manager), Sam K (from the Maun office), Lettie (Abu guide) and Kemm (Seba GM) went to Habu village to present a gift from two guests who were guided by Lettie in 2015. During their stay at Abu the guests had requested to be taken to the nearest village for them to meet some of the community members. After spending the day at Habu the guests promised that they would send a volleyball kit. We were thrilled to be able to present the kit and 70 supporters’ t-shirts to the team and the village chief.  

On the 30th September both Seba and Abu guests and staff gathered at Seba Camp to celebrate a very big day for Botswana: our beautiful country’s 50 years of independence! Everybody was really happy and had a great time. Many events took place that day including a beauty contest for Miss EBS Bots50, athletics, a soccer competition between Abu and Seba staff as well as choir competitions. Seba Camp secured the trophy for the soccer, athletics and the number one beauty contestant while Abu Camp took the trophy for the choir competition. They were all tough competitions and our guests had great fun. In fact, one of Abu’s guests was one of the judges.

Guest Comments
“The food and staff were amazing, especially Mate, Kemm and Precious and of course Alex and Kelly.”
“The staff was amazing. The guide’s knowledge was so informative and made the game drives really special. What a very special place. Full of incredible friendly humans and interesting animals. Our stay has left us with memories that will last forever. Thank you all so much”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Kemm, Alex and Kelly
Guides: Matamo, Tsono and Jakes

Compiled by: Kemm Wright
Photos by Kemm and Matamo

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