Seba Camp - September 2017

Sep 12, 2017 Seba Camp
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Climate and Landscape
September was a warm month and of course the water level is dropping as fast as the temperatures have been rising; this month our maximum temperature was 39° Celsius and the minimum 14° C.

Towards the end of the month we had partly cloudy and windy conditions and we are expecting our first rains very soon. With the water level going down quickly the hippos and crocodiles have moved to bigger lagoons though we still have hippos at the Seba Lagoon every day to entertain our guests.

Two male lions were spotted at Seba West feeding on a baby buffalo; they were also spotted next to Marabou Pan fighting with hyaena for an impala carcass.

Bame and her two cubs continue to give our guests great sightings; this leopard was spotted by the old airstrip on a kill and by the mokoro station with her cubs.

Two lionesses and three cubs were seen feeding on a kudu while a big unknown male leopard was seen at the Seba solar plant.

A male cheetah was spotted at Mayday Island. The hyaena den is also active and general game was outstanding, as were the birds.

Wild dogs are back on the concession and 20 of them were spotted near the truck road chasing impala. There are two packs, one of eight and one of 20.

Overall our concession was outstanding for game and sightings, with a highlight at the end of the month being two big male lions spotted near the old Seba mokoro station. A pride of five was also seen between the old airstrip and the new airstrip feeding on an elephant carcass. Two lionesses with two cubs were also spotted at the old Seba picnic spot.

Guest Comments
“The whole stay was a highlight! Congratulations for the friendliness and professionalism of your staff. We like to outpoint especially Kemm, Kelly, Moffat and Tex! Thank you!”

“It was a wonderful stay that we will always remember.”

“The meals were always amazing, seeing the amazing animals especially the leopard and the cubs, which Big O found by working hard.”

“Everyone was very nice and gentle, our guide was passionate and well mannered. It is a very beautiful camp.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Kemm, Kelly and Takesure
Guides: Mate, Jakes, Moffat and Big O

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