Segera Retreat - July 2015

Jul 1, 2015 Segera Retreat
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Peterson Kamwathi at Segera
Segera's August 2015 Artist in Residence, celebrated Kenyan artist Peterson Kamwathi, has been keeping busy at Segera Retreat, between entertaining guests as well as our own team with a wonderful new selection of charcoal sketches and inspired artworks. With Peterson using our C4C Gallery as his studio and workspace, guests have been able to watch him create his unique art, as well as learn more about his personal views and inspiration during convivial dinners and casual chats.

Tasty New Farm-to-Table Treats
Segera takes great pride in its fresh Farm-to-Table approach to cooking and our Chef and her team love creating and developing new and delicious healthy recipes for our guests. Our latest health treat is Homemade Gluten-Free Granola, a tasty mix of roasted berries, mixed nuts, seeds and honey.

After introducing Segera's unique Honey Mapping and Tastings, we are excited to announce the creation of some other homemade delicacies using local wild produce:

- Carissa Berry Jam – made from ripe berries found on Segera's wild Carissa macrocarpa shrubs. - Kei Apple Jelly – made from succulent yellow Kei Apples found on Segera's hedges at Sugeroi.

Using local produce in this way not only ensures that we have access to completely organic ingredients, but also involves zero food miles and so is entirely in keeping with Segera’s ethos of sustainability.
Farm-to-Table Treats at Segera Retreat, Kenya

Segera Team in the Laikipia Unity League
With the 2015 Laikipia Unity League now in full swing, we are proud to announce that the Segera football team is currently in first position in the league with 7 points – and a game in hand. The team captain attributes their success to regular practice sessions, a new football kit (kindly donated by some Friends of Segera) and the active participation of management and at times guests – especially in their most recent game.
Segera Retreat Football, Kenya

Wildlife Update
We always like to include a quick update about our latest amazing game sightings, and this time both our guide and guests were very excited to come across a large clan of approximately 30 hyaenas! Although it was quite an intimidating sight, our guests were delighted and will no doubt enjoy sharing this exhilarating game drive memory and photos back home with friends and family.

The very regular presence of large predators on Greater Segera is further proof of the success of the visionary decision to remove many miles of redundant ranch fencing, re-opening vital migratory corridors and enabling the herds to return.

Wildlife viewing continues to improve at Segera, and we are thrilled that Laikipia is reclaiming its rightful place amongst Kenya’s top wildlife destinations, and is now more than ever deserving of a place on any Kenya wildlife itinerary.

Wildlife at Segera Retreat, Kenya

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