Serra Cafema Camp - August 2017

Aug 11, 2017 Serra Cafema Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The weather at Serra Cafema was very pleasant during August. Early mornings brought a low fog which dissipated from nine o’clock onwards. The days were sunny with a wild wind from the coast, making the majestic Kunene River appear to be flowing in the ‘wrong’ direction.

The evenings were cool and guests are encouraged to bring a warm jacket for dinner at this time of year.

Interestingly, the ‘one-dollar bush’ found here, close to the Kunene River, has larger leaves than the ‘one-dollar bush’ found at Damaraland Camp and other areas of the Namib Desert.

In this part of the world, it isn’t unusual to find a herd of springbok and not a kilometre further, a herd of cows. The Himba families’ livestock has moved into the Marienfluss Conservancy where Serra Cafema is situated, and guests usually see them on their way to or from the airstrip.

Here’s a fascinating fact: the seed from palm trees growing around the Kunene River can only germinate once they have passed through the intestines of animals, in most cases, elephant…

Camp Activities
Boat excursions are limited now as the Kunene River’s water level has dropped significantly; so much so, in fact, that the rock banks are clearly visible.

Guests Jacki and Neil visited Serra Cafema recently and subsequently sent back two tins of the photos they took of local villagers. The matriarch Venghipo and her clan were intrigued and thrilled to see the contents!

Another couple, Laszlo and Rozalia, together with their guide Liffius, as well as Fanus, Future, and Harry (who is the Marienfluss Conservancy Manager), dropped off a generous donation of supplies at the Otjinungua Mobile School in Marienfluss. Through Children in the Wilderness’ partnership with, guests travelling to Wilderness Safaris camps throughout our areas of operation are encouraged to bring a package of school or other supplies for the surrounding communities.

Many guests opt for a ‘room lunch’ at Serra Cafema while one of the most popular dishes on the menu is Parma Ham-wrapped Kingklip. Delicious!

Community and Conservation News
The Onjuva Clinic officially opened its doors to the community and Serra Cafema this month. It was a very busy first day…

Meanwhile as part of our commitment to a light footprint at our lodges, a new solar plant at Serra Cafema has been installed to provide power to both staff and guests. The panels also provide shade to storerooms in the back of house.

Solar geysers have also been installed and paths lain out at the new staff village.

Staff News
Serra Cafema has a new acting GM – congratulations to Bradwin (ex Kulala Desert Lodge). We’re sure the Kunene River is a welcome sight after all that sand…

Guest Comments
“It is impossible to describe the scenery here in words, let alone catch it on film. One just has to see it for oneself! The whole experience was outstanding. Huge thanks to Gaylord.”

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