Serra Cafema Camp - December 2011

Jan 11, 2012 Serra Cafema Camp
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Weather and Landscape
December's weather can be summarised as being hot and dry. There was a daily cloud build-up, also building up our hopes of rain, which just dissipated in much the same fashion as the clouds did; having said this, we did have a little rain towards the end of the month.

The water levels in the Kunene River have risen considerably however, which means there have been substantial rains upstream.

With the water levels rising in the Kunene River, we have experienced an influx of large crocodiles along the river. On one occasion, our guests had the luck to watch a large crocodile devour its prey - slowly twisting and turning in the water, effectively breaking off small chunks of flesh which are easy to swallow.

Another crocodilian splendour was experienced from the boat, when we came across a nesting crocodile. The large female croc had around 13-15 little hatchlings. We watched as she transported them from the nest, which was a fair deal higher than the high water level. It was amazing to watch her monstrous and well equipped jaws delicately pick up the hatchlings and transport them to the water's edge - truly amazing! It was clear that the mother was quite protective over her young, which is a unique trait amongst crocodiles - considering most other reptiles provide no post-natal care.

Camp News
The local Himba people have moved a little further away from camp, into an area that will provide their goats with better grazing; it also allows the area in which they previously inhabited to recover. This has made for some really scenic drives to the new village location.

On another note, we would like to welcome Gert to the Serra Cafema guiding team; we wish him the best of luck!

Guest Comments
"We had a fantastic stay in this well-run lodge. The service and the food was excellent. The location is ideal for rest and relaxation and to get away from the city and the pollution. We will be back and recommend it to our friends." The Pasani Family (Malta).

"Perfect setting for the end of our Namibia Adventure. Thanks to the wonderful staff for making it so comfortable. No request was not taken care of. Thanks especially to Dawid for all of his efforts and knowledge." Judy and Jack (USA).

Staff in Camp
Managers: Harry, Dawid, Gerhardus, Gert and Dinish.
Guides: Ockert, Lynette, Elizabeth and Gert.

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