Serra Cafema Camp - March 2017

Mar 29, 2017 Serra Cafema Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Serra Cafema experienced a variety of weather during March – from hot, sunny days accompanied by singing cicadas to lovely cool, cloudy and rainy days that made us want to serve a cup of hot chocolate.

The rain has helped Hartmann’s Valley flourish and the presence of new life can be seen in all the nooks and crannies.   Hartmann’s Valley is putting on a green pullover as the rains have brought new life to the concession.

The river rose quite dramatically over two to three days and the water pushed into the staff village and flowed underneath the bridge. The staff in camp was slightly alarmed but the water dissipated as quickly as it pushed up.

Meanwhile boat cruises never disappoint as a variety of wildlife can be seen – from crocodiles and rock hyrax to goliath heron.

We also had a python visitor near camp and we enjoyed watching it quietly lying on the branch of an ana tree.

After the rain and the river movement frogs came out en masse, in all shapes and colours. Insects like cream-striped owl moths and cicadas were plentiful during March too.

Camp News
On the 21st March Namibia celebrated its 27th year of independence and Serra Cafema joined in the fun with a beautiful flag cake, traditional attire and singing of the national anthem, as well as other traditional songs and dances. Thank you to our lovely hostess for the evening, Future, as well as all staff for making it a memorable evening.

The Ostora ‘convenience store’ is still a big part of Serra Cafema and we have Himba traveling from far for maize and sugar – while even luxury items like body spray can be found at this humble establishment.

Staff news
Bertus and his trusty team of builders have started on the Cafema staff village and everyone is looking forward to their new homes.

Guest Comments
“The meals were tasteful and we loved the songs at the dinner on our last night. Thank you for such an amazing and memorable experience at Serra Cafema.”

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