Shumba Camp - August 2015

Aug 1, 2015 Shumba Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Shumba Camp is situated right at the centre of the Busanga Plains, surrounded by waterholes that attract a lot of different antelope. The view from the camp’s elevated boardwalks offers a dynamic experience for our nature-loving guests as they are guaranteed to see puku and red lechwe grazing together. This has tempted us to find a word that suited the combination of these two species of antelopes: puchwe!

Shumba is renowned for its pristine and tranquil environment – very appealing for all of our guests. The only noise ‘disturbing’ the scene is that of the birds in the mornings and afternoons and the hippo at night. But this gives us the opportunity to encourage guests to identify these animal and bird sounds – a very memorable experience.

Shumba in August is known to be June in the morning and October in the afternoon, and this month the temperature ranged from 6° to 44° Celsius. Some days we also had winds so strong they broke off the dead limbs from the local fig trees!

Shumba has retained its title as the place of lions. In fact, lion sightings were so ‘cheap’ that we could promise our guests they’d see these cats before they even left camp. In short, lion were seen every day.

The cats were spotted killing a hippo as well as a buffalo this month. The most interesting incident all started when a pride of five lion managed to kill a hippo, and as they were feasting on him, another very big male hippo slowly moved towards the feasting lions. He actually moved among them and opened his mouth in a wide yawn, showing the huge teeth protruding from his jaw. The lions very quickly gave him some space… he did this several times but then gave up and slipped away into the water.
Hippo vs Lion - Shumba Camp, Zambia

The most thrilling sightings in the Busanga Plains this month were undoubtedly those of cheetah and leopard, both of which were seen on a few occasions.
Cheetah at Shumba Camp, Kafue, Zambia

Hippo were the most common sighting, naturally near the hippo pool. We also had sightings of the different Busanga antelope such as roan, sable, bushbuck, waterbuck, impala, puku, eland, oribi, red lechwe and many more.

The Busanga Plains is a paradise for birds, with species like crowned cranes, wattled cranes, ground hornbills and many more colourful birds seen regularly.

Camp Activities
The Busanga Plains this month delivered productive day and night game drives as well as amazing balloon rides. These provide an expansive aerial view over our beautiful area and the game it supports and there is almost no better safari moment than to see the sun rise from a hot air balloon.

This month we offered bush brunches and private dinners for our guests – they also loved the champagne breakfast after the balloon ride; in fact it often turned out to be the highlight of their visit.

On Mondays we always have a traditional dinner which gives our guests the opportunity to see and experience our Zambian culture.

However, on the 28th of August we had an extra celebration of our culture, it being Wilderness Safaris Heritage Day. We put on our traditional attire and guests could not stop taking photos. Stories were told and dancing was enjoyed, creating many good memories for our guests.

Guest Comments
“Our entire stay was a highlight! Outstanding staff without exception, great location, wonderful game viewing…. Balloon ride!”
“My birthday party celebration was amazing and I was impressed by the enthusiasm and love from the staff. Sundowners were also always beautiful.”
“Everybody was passionately devoted to excellent service and friendly remarks. The best camp and dining food ever.”
“Each of you has the wonderful skill to let your guests feel at home.”

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