Shumba Camp - July 2012

Aug 15, 2012 Shumba Camp
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Weather and Landscape
We have had great weather this month with the cold winds slipping away, leaving it clear and warm with the temperatures already reaching the mid to high 30s (Celsius). There is still a chill in the early morning air but that only makes a coffee by the fire that bit more enjoyable.
Shumba Camp is situated in the heart of the Busanga Plains, high up in the Kafue National Park making it a true wilderness area. Nestled under the shade of giant sycamore fig trees and surrounded wide expanses of breathtaking scenery, the camp blends seamlessly into the natural environment making it a truly unique destination for wildlife and nature lovers.
July has been an incredibly productive month as far as high profile wildlife sightings go! We spotted several leopard, one of which had some very young cubs.

Another great sighting was that of roan, and not only one individual, but an entire breeding herd. Great numbers of wildebeest, Lichtenstein's hartebeest, puku and red lechwe were seen, and on one drive, the guests were able to tick off 16 species of antelope - talk about a great diversity.
On the nocturnal side of things, we had some great sightings of African civet and serval. Both of these solitary and elusive predators were very relaxed and allowed us a great view of them.
Birding has been fantastic, as there is constant activity at any time of the day. The myriad summer migrants are starting to arrive in the area as they make their way to the southern hemisphere to take advantage of the upcoming conditions which are more than favourable.
Guest Comments
"What a wonderful camp! Thank you to EVERYONE for all the delicious, beautiful treats."
"Thank you very much. Thanks to all the staff we will never forget you. Everything was just perfect."
"Thank you for a wonderful time! We enjoyed every moment."
Staff in Camp
Managers: Ashley and Tara Rowe and Christabel Phiri.
Guides: John D Muleka, Idos Mulenga and Sam Simunji Simunji.

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