The Why of Wilderness

Nov 18, 2016 Conservation
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Why do we do what we do?

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember why you started out in the first place, and what you wanted to achieve. Especially after 35 years of operation! We’re lucky here at Wilderness, because, even as leadership and market conditions changed over the years, our raison d’être – reason for being – has remained the same, in fact it is more firmly entrenched, defined and embraced than before.

But sometimes we need to remind ourselves – and those who have joined us on our journey – of why we believe in Wilderness Safaris. So we got together and found 14 of our most inspiring stories, 14 Reasons to Believe – projects, initiatives and achievements over the past 35 years of which we are most proud.

Now, we’d like to share these stories with you. So, over the next few months, you’ll be taken on a journey across time and space that explores origins, inspirational partnerships, wildlife successes, care for environment, and love of our people and Africa.

We invite you to celebrate our reasons with us.

The 14 Reasons to Believe:

No 1. Environment is at the heart

No 2. Our Journeys Change Lives

No 3. A Light Camp Footprint

No 4. Pioneering Community Partnerships

No 5. The Noah’s Ark Project

No 6. Mega-Moves of Mega-Fauna

No 7. Hwange Against All Odds

No 8. Children in the Wilderness

No 9. The Wilderness Wildlife Trust

No 10. Conservation Coalitions

No 11. Frontier Ecotourism Presence

No. 12. Addressing Human-Wildlife Conflict

No 13. Seeing the (Sun) Light

No 14. Great Apes and Rainforests

We hope these reasons will get you excited about our upcoming blog series!

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