Toka Leya Camp - August 2017

Aug 4, 2017
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Climate and Landscape
The morning chill is gone and the temperatures are rising as summer beckons. The bush is now very dry but the green grass and trees in camp provide a welcome sanctuary for many animals. We have seen a huge increase in the numbers of elephant, giraffe, warthog and bushbuck in camp.

The Zambezi River’s water level continues to drop and we see more and more elephants swimming between the islands of this great river. We are being treated to spectacular sunsets every day. As the water goes down, leaving exposed sand banks, opportunities to see crocodiles, otters and water monitors are enhanced.

We were lucky to have lots of animals in camp. We also had great sightings of the African finfoot around Toka Leya. Some were privileged to see a baby bushbuck about 15 minutes after it was born.

Camp News
Our Environmental Commitment
Our tree nursery currently has more than 300 seedlings that are ready for distribution to the schools around us.

Our Culture
This month we celebrated Wilderness Safaris Heritage Day (marked annually on the last Friday in August) and we showcased our diverse traditional attire. After all, we are proudly Zambian! On Heritage Day we also showcased our local food and shared it with our guests.

Staff News
Ackim Lungu was voted Employee of the Month for August and John Yombwe was the runner-up. Well done to Ackim and John.

Guest Comments
“The entire staff was so friendly and welcoming. Each took the time to stop and spend some quality time with us-talking, sharing, laughing. The best. This trip is our first experience in travel outside our home nation (USA) and everything went smoothly. We were handled by the staff with such care and professionalism. I cannot even dream of world travel without that service. Thank you to each and every staff at each of your lodges. You could easily teach the skill of hospitality to my home land.”


“Thank you for a trip of a lifetime. This is one of the most beautiful safari camps I’ve ever stayed in. The staff was great.”


“Our highlight was just relaxing. DNA (Do Nothing At all) was the best part because we were able to enjoy the staff’s positive attitude and love for their work.”


“Everything was lovely – staff was great. I came for the animals and have been amazed! I have fallen in love with the PEOPLE.”


“The staff is definitely a highlight! Loved everything we did – sunset cruise and sunset by the Zambezi with drinks and pillows – band and all guided events.”


Staff in Camp

General Manager: Chris Chiparaushe

Camp Manager: Takudzwa Gonese

Junior Manager: Thembi Ross

Trainee Manager: Kapita Banda

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