Toka Leya Camp - February 2018

Feb 13, 2018 Toka Leya Camp
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Climate and Landscape
February’s weather came just at the right time as the camp and its surroundings were starting to get desperate for heaven’s waters. At the beginning of the month the mornings were typically sunny with a bit of cloud, but as the day progressed an overcast sky would bring some light drizzle during the night. The water levels are clearly rising, as you will see in the photos. By mid-February the heavens had opened and we recorded excellent rainfall which carried on until the end of the month.

A one-metre-long python was caught and safely released from the Toka Leya kitchen by one of our guides, Sam Simunji-Simunji. The snake had been spotted a few times, especially when the monkeys and birds started making a noise.

Camp News
Our Environmental Commitment
We have more than 400 tree seedlings that are ready for distribution to the schools around us. All guests who have seen the back-of-house are greatly impressed with John’s knowledge and the setup of the nursery.

Our Culture and Food & Beverage Experiences
Our Zambian cultural evenings are hugely popular, with the Munjile Band from Livingstone leaving our guests with sore muscles and aching bones from an evening of dancing and singing. Guests are enticed by the beating of the handmade drums and the guitars (even those who think they don’t have rhythm) to get up and show us what they are made of.

Chitenge fabric can be used for many purposes as Assistant Camp Manager Helen explains in her talk. Pictured are some of the ladies posing with their chitenges.

Staff News
Ezra Muziba (Scullery) was our Employee of the Month and Fanwell Bwalya (Waiter) was the runner up. Third place was secured by Rachel Chandipo. We also recognised the whole team for a great effort during February.

Guest Comments
“We cannot think of anything better for you to have made this stay and experience better.”

“Sam and Godfrey were outstanding guides. Great information about Zambian customs and in general.”

“Godfrey and Sam were great guides. Very knowledgeable. The entire staff was professional, informative and charming. We appreciate all your kindness.”

“The band and game drive were the highlights of our stay. Everything was great.”



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