Toka Leya Camp - November 2016

Nov 9, 2016 Toka Leya Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The rains are here. The temperatures are high and it is very humid with 18.5 mm of rain recorded so far. The rain clouds create spectacular sunsets over the Zambezi River and the bush is green and alive with the sounds of insects and birds. New grass shoots cover the earth like a carpet while new leaves add to the general buzz of new life.

A lot of animals have dropped their babies and our guests have had great fun in camp watching these youngsters get to grips with life. The river has risen slightly but there is not enough water to recommence our tours of Victoria Falls from the Zambian side yet. Our guests are still going across to the Zimbabwean side to view the Falls.

Guests on a Zambezi River cruise were lucky to witness a fight between two ospreys.

Elephants swimming and playing in the water have become a common sight from the boat cruises and it is always special to see them as they frolic with reckless abandon.

We also had an elephant family come for a massage at our spa. However, on find finding our spa ladies fully booked, they settled for a nice mud wrap right next door.

Four warthog babies were born in camp and while one didn’t make it, the surviving three are regularly seen running and grazing around camp. There is also another bushbuck baby in camp now.

Our goliath heron has returned after a six-month absence. He can be seen catching fish in the small inlet just in front of reception – a spot he now shares with the African finfoot. It seems that they have struck an agreement to live in peace together.

We were also lucky to see an interesting encounter in which a water monitor chased and tried to kill a squirrel. This might be the same monitor that killed and ate a spotted bush snake three months ago. He was not so lucky this time as the squirrel managed to escape.

Camp News
We have planted 20 more palm trees just by the reception area. These will create a cooling effect for our guests on arrival in camp.

We always encourage our guests to visit a local village so that they might gain an appreciation of our culture and the way people live in Zambia. We then sit down in camp around the fire or at the bar and give them time to ask questions and get further insights into the Zambian way of life.

We introduced new vegetarian options to our dinner menu so that that there are now always two vegetarian dishes to choose from. Chef’s cauliflower, lentil and coconut curries and spinach and feta phyllo pies were very well received by our guests.

Staff News
John Yombwe was voted Service Hero for the month of November for his outstanding contribution to a guests’ experience on a fishing trip as well as his back-of-house tours.

Guest Comments
“Great time, wonderful staff and good food. Thanks for allowing us to learn about your culture and history.”
“Friendly staff. Loved the river cruises and the views from our room.”
“What an amazing 80th birthday time with our family. Outstanding!”

Staff in Camp
General Manager: Chris Chiparaushe
Camp Manager: Nic Moolman
Front of House Manager: Stephen Phiri
Camp Assistant Managers: Faith Chiwende
Activities Manager: Amon Ngoma
Senior Guide: Godfrey Mungala
Trainee Manager: Thembi Ross

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