Toka Leya Camp - November 2017

Nov 15, 2017 Toka Leya Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The mornings here at Toka Leya were generally warm and the vegetation around us created welcome shade for some of the animals such as the water monitors and bushbuck.

The water levels have risen slightly, although the islands are still very visible, creating a nice spot for hippos and crocodiles to sunbathe.

A family of warthogs has found safety for their young ones within our grounds, creating some lovely humorous and heart-melting moments for our guests.

A huge number of elephants visited our camp areas and there were many sightings of them crossing the river. Elephants were also seen grazing and having mud baths at the back-of-house management houses! While we were rebuilding our kitchen, they came to visit us at the conference room.

Camp News
Our Environmental Commitment
We currently have more than 300 seedlings ready for distribution to the schools around us.

Our Culture and Food & Beverage Experiences
Our traditional Zambian meals were great and guests absolutely loved them, especially our vegetarian guests.

Chef Willick taught a group of guests how to make our famous Toka Leya Pizza. I spoke to them afterwards and they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, from making to eating! They said, “We do not have anything like this in the US.”

Staff News
A Leadership Training Camp took place here at Toka Leya for three days, where we hosted just over 25 Wilderness Safaris managers.

Willick Munamuka (Chef) was our employee of the month with Justine (Scullery) as runner up. In third place we recognised the whole Toka Leya team for a great effort during November.

Guest Comments
“My back of house tour with John was truly inspiring. To hear about his passion and to educate the children was heart-warming.”

“I loved the elephants coming to the bar. It was so incredible to get that close to them.”

“Loved visiting the village and the school. Seeing elephants in the camp was also very exciting for us. We will never forget that.”

Staff in Camp
General Manager: Chris Chiparaushe
Camp Manager: Takudzwa Gonese
Front of House Manager: Stephen Phiri, 
Camp Assistant Manager: Faith Chiwende
Camp Assistant Manager: Helen Njovu
Activities Manager: Amon Ngoma
Senior Guide: Godfrey Mungala
Junior Manager: Thembi Ross
Trainee Manager: Kapita Banda




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