Top of their Game: Wilderness’ Winning Images

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We are very proud to announce that several Wilderness Safaris guides took home top awards in this year’s Cameras for Conservation Photographic Competition.

The competition recognises photographic talent among Botswana wildlife photographers in a variety of categories: Photographer of the Year, Aerial and Underwater, Bird Behaviour, Bird Portrait, Black and White, Landscape, Macro & Close Up, Mammal Behaviour, Mammal Portrait, Man and Environment, Reptiles and Insects, Trees, Plants and Flowers and a category for international photographers who have taken images in Botswana’s wildlife concessions.

It was therefore a wonderful honour for each of the following guides and camp staff to have their images recognised. We applaud each one of you for bringing the magic to us. Take a look at the winning and commended images. Those of you who have travelled to these areas will know that we are fortunate to work in some of the most incredible wildlife areas on the planet!

Scroll on and let us know what you think of the winning photos…

First Place: Mankind and the Environment 

Boat Captain by Letsogile Kamogelo

Second Place: Mankind and the Environment

Safety and Liberty by Michael Fitt

Third Place: Aerial and Underwater

Xigera Lagoon from the air by Dennis Smith

Highly Commended: Aerial and Underwater

The Channel Excavator by Speedy Senase

Third Place: Mammal Portrait

Golden Escape by Ona Basimane

Highly Commended: Mammal Portrait

Life in a trunk by Victor Horatius, former Explorations guide in Botswana

Highly Commended: Mammal Behaviour

Swamp Cats by Victor Horatius, former Explorations guide in Botswana

 Highly Commended: Mammal Behaviour

Tension by Letsogile Kamogelo

Highly Commended: Reptiles and Insects

 Breakfast in the Water by Victor Horatius, former Explorations guide in Botswana


View all the winning photos at


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By Kate Collins

Kate grew up exploring the bushveld on her family rose farm, living among Nguni cattle, geese, warthogs, ostriches and horses. After completing an Honours degree at the University of Cape Town, Kate began working at Wild magazine as a journalist and as the Digital Editor of the Wild Card website. Kate has travelled to destinations throughout southern Africa, enjoying the many rich offerings of our country. Her work at Wild magazine helped secure her next move to Londolozi Game Reserve where she worked in their Creative team managing online communications and assisting guests with their wildlife photography. Kate now lives in Johannesburg and is proud to be a part of Wilderness Safaris in her role as copywriter. “I am very excited to work for a company that makes such a huge difference to people’s lives and to the wild places throughout our incredibly beautiful and diverse continent.”

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