Tubu Tree Camp - July 2013

Aug 14, 2013 Tubu Tree Camp
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We had a few cold mornings, but the days in general were nice and warm. There were some mornings when we had a bit of cloud cover which ended up in windy days with clear skies. The slight cloud cover in the mornings provided us with very nice sunrise photos. The skies at night were generally clear and excellent for stargazing, storytelling around the fire and constellation pinpointing.

The sightings this month were amazing. We had plentiful leopard, some feeding on kills, others just lazing in the trees in the afternoon sun. The big and shy male has been seen on several occasions, but still disappears very quickly once the vehicle makes itself known. The guests also got to experience on several occasions leopards calling, which is an amazing sound that no-one would have thought comes from such a beautiful cat.

The two male lions, Salt and Pepper, graced Hunda island with their presence and were found one early morning relaxing in the sun close to our airstrip after their long walk from the south.

Big herds of elephant were seen passing through the water near the camp, giving the guests a great show as the little ones tried to keep up. Lots of general game has been around; the impala and lechwe herds roam on the plains west of camp as we have coffee in the morning.

There have been several hyaena sightings this month, especially around the den site. The youngster is growing quickly and should start following his mother soon on her walkabouts at night and early mornings.

Honey badgers have been seen regularly and the guests enjoy them whenever they surprised us; once even welcoming us back after an afternoon safari.

On several occasions, journeys of giraffe with youngsters have been spotted on the plains in front of Tubu and on game drives, mostly feeding on the acacias close to the airstrip.

Our local Tubu tribe of monkeys and troop of baboons have entertained guests and staff alike, using our tents as a trampoline and sending the staff running to rescue our swimming pool umbrella.

Birding is fantastic at this time of the year at Tubu and on Hunda island! The open-billed storks amaze us with their aerial displays: landing in huge numbers around First Bridge and on the plains in front of camp. Some pelicans have figured out the fishing season on the plains have opened up for their use and are often spotted around camp and on game drive. A multitude of kingfishers have entertained the guests around camp and on water activities. Other sightings include fish-eagles, lilac-breasted rollers, storks, egrets and more.

Staff in Camp
Managers: André Erasmus, Lené Stopforth
Guides: Phenyo Lebakeng, Seretse Xaiko, Issa Satheba, Broken Bambo

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