Tubu Tree Camp – March 2014

Mar 31, 2014 Tubu Tree Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The temperature stabilised this month and there has been a noticeable drop in rainfall since the middle of the month. The water has been rising on the floodplain where we can now see reflections from the sun shining on the water. The wildlife has been even more attracted to this area, roaming day and night in front of the camp. Temperatures were between 18° and 30° Celsius for the month, which makes generally for very pleasant days.

After much speculation about our resident female leopard and cub and their location, we found them back in the same spot on the island, the mother entertaining her cub with the most playful climbing tricks, showing off for guests.

A herd of wildebeest has moved in front of our main area at Tubu Tree and is a lovely sight that entertains our guests. The incoming water has forced them even closer to camp. Meanwhile in camp a lonely bull elephant has been finding comfort under the marula trees close to the guest tents, allowing our guests the opportunity of getting a good close-up of his beautiful, curly eyelashes and thick, wrinkled skin.

Buffalo herds are not fazed by the changing of seasons and are embracing the grass turning brown and water filling the floodplains.

Leopards in the area have been active day and night and we have had a few encounters with them chasing wildebeest that had been settling down for the evening on the floodplains in front of camp. The silence of the night is interrupted frequently by the vibrations picked up from nomadic lions calling females and looking for companionship.

Hippo have been grazing closer to the camp as the water level has risen, and a perfectly shaped pool out in the middle of the bush has caused some confusion. It seems shallow, but then all of a sudden an enormous hippo will pop up from under the water, causing quite a surprise for guests!

The baboon troops have been enjoying lazy days and grooming seems to be the top priority – almost as if they are gearing up to look their best for the winter months.

Birds and Birding
We have a new addition to the southern ground hornbill family. This juvenile has been enjoying as much well-deserved attention from his parents as from our guests viewing him (or perhaps her) from the comfort of the front of house deck area.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Bryan Webbstock, Theresa Fourie, Philile Hlongaa, Ian Burger, Michelle Burger, Kg Mapila, Gloria Amos, Mark Nicholson, Madelein Swanepoel
Guides: Dichaba “Broken” Bambo, TK - Thokomelo Saxhago, KG- Kgaga Kgaga, Bee-Bolatotswe


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