Tubu Tree Camp - October 2013

Oct 28, 2013 Tubu Tree Camp
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Weather and Landscape
As we edge closer to the end of the year, the daytime temperatures have been climbing steadily, reaching a daily high of around 38 °C. We did receive a little rain on the 20th October and then again a few days later…but only enough to tempt us for more rain.

The resident leopard has never been far from camp, and her tracks were found around camp almost on a daily basis. This master of the shadows was not seen until the middle of the month when camp staff found an impala carcass close to the workshop area – the leopard was sitting a short distance away. Guests were brought to the area and all got a good glimpse of this feline. A week or so later she was found again close to the camp entrance. Leopard sightings out on activity were really good, with the highlight being a large leopard taking down a young giraffe.

As the water level is currently really low, the exposed floodplain in front of camp has attracted large numbers of buffalo and zebra, which have provided great game viewing from the comfort of camp throughout the day. Blue wildebeest numbers have been steadily increasing in the area and there appears to be a resident herd of around 90 individuals in the area.

Breeding herds of elephant have been abundant and it has been an absolute treat watching the babies play with one another. Solitary bulls and bachelor groups have been encountered fairly often.

On the hyaena front, the local den has provided some of the best hyaena interactions this month as the cubs are at a very curious stage in their life and emerge from the den to investigate their surroundings. On more than one occasion we have been visited by a couple of opportunistic hyaena during our bush dinners.

With the dropping water levels, the hippo pods are concentrating in the remaining pools. It is quite common to see in excess of 20 hippo in one spot.

A honey badger has been making a regular appearance and we have enjoyed some great sightings around the camp area.

Birds and Birding
African skimmers have been seen at the hippo pool near Harry’s Baobab, gracefully skimming the water’s surface. Wattled cranes have been seen along the floodplains and marabou storks near the brunch spot.

The crested-barbet nest by the Tubu Bar is currently heavily guarded by the parents and we watched a squirrel being mobbed and chased away on one occasion.

Golden weavers, Hartlaub’s babblers, yellow-billed hornbills and black-collared barbets continue to visit the Tubu bird bath.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Bryan Webbstock, Theresa Fourie, Henk Truter, Marelize van Rensburg and Jade Frost.
Guides: Phenyo Lebakeng, Seretse Xaiko, Broken Bambo, Joseph Makhulo and Kambango Sinimbo.


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