Tubu Tree Camp - September 2013

Sep 18, 2013 Tubu Tree Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The beginning of the month was a little chilly as the mornings were nippy, but midday and afternoon temperatures were quite comfy. This however was quite short-lived as the rest of the month became very hot with temperatures peaking at around 36 °C. Interestingly we did experience a couple of windy afternoons, setting the stage for some incredible sunsets as the wind would stir up the dust and enhance the spectrum of sunset colours.

We have enjoyed some good wildlife sightings this month, both around camp and out on activity.

The sightings at camp were kicked off this month by a large herd of buffalo that settled into the floodplain in front of camp for a couple of hours – it was awesome to watch the herd interact with one another as they grunted and bellowed while grazing on the succulent grass shoots.

Leopard sightings have been plentiful this month, with many lucky guests having the opportunity to view these magnificent spotted felines go about their daily life. We had witnessed quite a dramatic encounter on Hunda Island this month when the Tubu Female leopard ambitiously tried to bring down a male kudu – unfortunately for her, the male kudu managed to jab her with his horn on her chin. She has been sighted since and looks to be doing well.

Going further up the predatory scale, the resident male lion coalition known as ‘Salt and Pepper’ have been making their presence known, roaring loud and clear every night. Despite their nightly symphony, we have not been able to find them out on drive, although we have been finding fresh tracks almost daily.

A large breeding herd of female kudu have been visiting the camp area this month, often allowing our guests great sightings from the camp. The resident bushbuck have also provided great close up sightings from camp.

We have also been blessed with some very unusual sightings this month, including a pangolin, porcupine and even an aardvark. On one afternoon all in camp got to enjoy a sighting of tsessebe as a herd made their way across the floodplain.

Birds and Birding
We have enjoyed some really excellent and solid birding this month as the summer migrants begin to arrive.

A family group of southern-ground hornbills have been serenading us for most of the month as they vocalise while searching for food during the morning hours after sunrise.

A Dickinson’s kestrel was seen this month being mobbed by a pair of crested barbets which were trying to protect their nest from the raptor.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Bryan Webbstock, Theresa Fourie, Rudi Venter and Marelize Conradie.
Guides: Phenyo Lebakeng, Seretse Xaiko, Broken Bambo and Joseph Makhulosekopo.


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