Viola Jubane, CITW Scholarship Programme Recipient

Dec 10, 2015 Community and Culture
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Viola Jubane’s success is directly attributable to two factors: her personal commitment and ability, and the remarkable generosity of her scholarship sponsors. This is her inspiring story…

Viola Jubane

“I am Viola Jubane, aged 22. I come from a remote community in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland North Province, namely the Ngamo Community in the Tsholotsho District. I am currently studying Disaster Management at Bindura University of Science Education. It is really amazing how I came to be studying at all. Let me share with you my story in the hope that it may change other disadvantaged children’s futures in our society.

I did my primary grades at Ngamo Primary School in Tsholotsho District as mentioned above. I was lucky to be one of the brighter pupils at school and managed to get good marks all through my time there from 2000-2006. As mentioned above, our community is in one of the remote areas located on the outskirts of Hwange National Park. I was fortunate enough to meet one of the many guests from Wilderness Safaris who pay visits to the school, and contribute towards the CITW community projects and the Scholarship Programme which assists disadvantaged children to pursue their studies. When I reached Grade 7 my aim was to pass with flying colours and go further with my studies but the worry was how I would pay for it, as I am one of those disadvantaged children.

Now, truly God works in mysterious ways, as soon after writing my Grade 7 examinations I was awarded a scholarship from Children in the Wilderness (CITW). I was so happy and, as you can imagine, my family was too. I went to boarding school at Tsholotsho High School, where I started my secondary level. I committed myself to school work and worked extra hard so as to achieve the best marks. This was my aim and my family’s too. For my O Levels I managed to pass eight subjects including Mathematics, English and Integrated Science with top marks. Through the care of, and funding from, the CITW Scholarship Programme, I was supported through my secondary schooling and even received monthly groceries to keep me healthy. God is great and He is alive; I strongly believe that because of what He is doing in my life.

After finishing my O Levels I wanted to continue my studies. Unfortunately, I was told that my sponsors did not have the funds to continue paying my fees and I thought that would be the end of my academic career. My parents tried to sell their livestock but the money was insufficient. I put a hold on my studies, but what I learned is never to put a full stop where God has put a comma.

One day, in March 2011 a vehicle from Wilderness Safaris arrived at my homestead. The driver told me he had been sent to say that CITW had found a sponsor for me so I could go back to school and complete my Advanced Level, allowing me to earn the qualifications to enter university and obtain a tertiary education. I was very excited and my parents were delighted too. I went back to Tsholotsho High School for two more years and studied Art, Ndebele, History and Geography, finally managing to scoop 12 points.

From there I was able to pursue my tertiary education as my sponsors were willing to pay for my tuition fees. I was awarded a place at Bindura University of Science Education and in August 2013 I started my first year. Due to some temptations and uncertainties in life I fell pregnant which was a very great disappointment to my family as everyone expected a lot from me. Truly I was very ashamed of myself but still I told myself that it is not the end of life and I believed that when one door closes many others will open. It was not the end, and my sponsors continued to pay my fees. I was blessed with a baby boy and was able to leave him with my mother (a tradition in our culture) to go back to University. I am working extremely hard and I am managing to scoop two to three distinctions every semester. I hope that my baby will learn a lot from my life.

Now I am in my third year which is when we do industrial attachments (internships). Many thanks to CITW who assisted me in finding a place where I can do my attachment, namely Wilderness Air Zimbabwe, in the Safety Department where I am a disaster practitioner. It is really interesting and I’m so enjoying my time here. All the staff members of Wilderness Safaris are very friendly to me and they encourage me all the way along, making it easy for me to learn a lot while working in the company. For all this I praise the Almighty God.

My ambitions:
a. To become a leading and prominent Disaster and Development Practitioner and contribute positively towards the safety and development of our country.
b. To establish a group of Development Practitioners working towards disaster mitigation.
c. To own my own business and company as well as start a scholarship fund aimed at helping disadvantaged children.

Everything works well for those who believe in God. Never put a full stop in your life where God has put a comma. Only God can turn a victim into a victory and a trial into a triumph. This happened in my life. Many thanks to my family, Children in the Wilderness and Christopher and Annie Lewis, my sponsors, for their support and for being there for me, all the way. Also not forgetting the father of my baby Inkosinesisa Ncube who takes care of the baby’s needs and supports me too. Above all I thank God and may His name be glorified.”

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