Vumbura Plains - April 2018

Apr 19, 2018 Vumbura Plains
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Climate and Landscape
The temperatures have shown that we are heading towards winter as they have dropped noticeably – to a minimum of 19° Celsius and a maximum of 29° C. Trees and shrubs are starting to lose their leaves and looking pale.

Guests thoroughly enjoyed seeing our Kubu Pride of lions, as well as the pride’s four males, on more than one occasion. They were spotted feeding on a dead baby elephant near the Lefaufau area and it was simply amazing to see all of them in one location. A truly spectacular moment to have been witnessed by our guests.

Unlike like last month, our guides were delighted to spot cheetah with their cubs on numerous occasions around the Vumbura airstrip area.

Other species like wild dogs, previously unseen on the concession, and sable antelope entertained our guests along our game drive roads. Meanwhile Vumbura Plains’ Golden Pack of wild dogs has not been seen this month and we are hoping they are currently denning.

We are sad to note that resident leopard Selonyana has lost one cub to hyaenas, though happily the other one is safe and doing well.

Other residents leopards like Commando, who is particularly shy but still seen around the Vumbura airstrip, Naledi and Lesego were spotted this month.

Some guests were thrilled to witness a rare and amazing moment when two clawless otters were spotted just outside Vumbura Plains South’s Tent 6.

Camp Activities
Guests travel all this way to appreciate our diverse cultures and see the many ecosystems here at Vumbura Plains. Accordingly, we constantly strive to deliver memorable safari moments that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. We had many visitors this month and we created a number of magic setups like bush picnics, bush brunches, sundowners and smoothie stops to round out their wow experiences with us.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Kci, Kay, Oabi, Tumi, Horata, Canny, Tebby, Onnie, Ruth and Rachael
Guides: Chris, Lazi, Speedy, Tebla, Lastie, Nas, Willie and Ron

Newsletter compiled by Oscar




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