Vumbura Plains Camp - August 2017

Aug 17, 2017 Vumbura Plains
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Climate and Landscape
The summer temperatures have started creeping in, meaning shedding our heavy winter wear to lighter summer clothing; and not only for the people around Vumbura Plains but for the animals as well. Those which were tucked away for warmth have started emerging to peacefully enjoy the area.

The likes of black mambas have even been seen lately, basking in the sun, while naughty baboons get up to no good in the jackalberries which are ripe and ready with fruit.

Maximum temperatures ranged between 30° and 32° Celsius and it was hot with a dry breeze all day long.

Guests enjoyed amazing wildlife sightings and the diversity of activities offered all month at Vumbura Plains.

Gloriously warm afternoons were spent boating on the Delta waters, watching amazing sightings of elephant crossing the deep waters.

And who can say no to a thrilling leopard sighting as it poses up in a tree?

The Golden Pack of wild dogs was seen every third day or so, either on a hunt or a successful kill, usually of impala or warthog.

Lions were seen around Vumbura, some in the tops of trees which was lovely indeed. Mating lions were also seen and we’re all looking forward to seeing the new cubs next year.

We had some jaw-dropping cheetah sightings this month. A herd of at least 1000+ buffalo was sighted around camp and spread around the concession. We were all delighted to see this as more buffalo mean more action and our speedy cats were out to prove themselves, regularly trying their luck hunting the buffalo.

Birds and Birding
Birdlife was also great and Jackie’s Pan took the lead in hosting a phenomenal variety of birds. If we were to award a medal for a pan with the most birdlife it would have gone to Jackie’s.

Staff News
We had the two Xorokwe Camp chefs here learning the Wilderness Way and creating memorable menus for future guests of this new camp (currently under construction).

We had a number of groups at Vumbura this month. They naturally wanted to be together for dinners as well as on activities. The camp team thoroughly enjoyed the challenge which brought us together with laughter, smiles and an occasional argument here and there, but at the end of the day we were all happy and working towards one Purpose – creating life-changing journeys for our guests.

Staff in Camp
Managers and guides – North and South camps: Todd, Poppy, Tumi, Sean, Megan, Oabi, Onnie, Lazi, Chris, Zee, ST, Ron, Speedy and Emang

Photos by Lazi and Speedy
Newsletter by Kesegofetse Kci Molenga

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