Vumbura Plains - December 2017

Dec 13, 2017 Vumbura Plains
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Climate and Landscape
Wow, we really have to count our blessings for the Kwedi Concession’s pristine environment here in the northern Okavango Delta. It’s very green at this time of the year though still hot, with the minimum temperature dropping to 19° Celsius and the maximum averaging 31° C. We recorded a few drops of rain during the month (58 mm) but it hasn’t rained as much as expected. Clouds build up regularly and we remain hopeful for more rain as we are in the middle of the season.

In terms of game viewing, guests consistently returned from their game drives excited about their sightings and experiences, some of which were truly outstanding.

Our resident leopard Selonyana enchanted our guests on more than one occasion and they returned to camp with smiles on their faces. Recently, within the space of a week, Selonyana killed two impalas right between Vumbura South’s Tent One and the gift shop… amazing! Other leopard have been spotted as well, on hunting missions along our main roads.

Guests were also thrilled to see our resident lions – the Kubu and Four Boys prides – mostly around Kgokong Loop. One of the Kubu Pride females recently gave birth to three cubs, a real blessing as the father of those cubs is one of the Four Boys males, which means there is good chance of their surviving and increasing our lion numbers in the area.
Lion at Vumbura Plains

Big cats are not the only species that have excited our guests and the Vumbura team – large herds of buffalo and elephant were seen, with young ones foraging as they moved in their herds to the water-catchment areas.

Sightings of more elusive species like wild dog and sable antelope were not bad either this month. Most notably, a pack of 12 unknown wild dogs was seen around both North and South camps on hunting missions, chasing impalas. They are one of our favourite species.

As for the cheetah, they’re a different story and our guides found it tricky to spot this beautiful cat – maybe because of all the greenery making it that much more difficult.

But really, the Okavango Delta has so much to offer in terms of biodiversity!

Camp Activities
Guests are awoken early and have a choice of teas, coffee and juices, along with a light continental breakfast. Guides are ready at around 06h00 to take our guests out for their morning activity, exploring the magnificent Okavango Delta.

A number of truly magical set-ups were created this month, most notably on 31st December 2017 when we had a combined sundowner for our guests from all three camps (North, South and Little Vumbura). Vumbura Plains rocks!

Staff in Camp
Managers: Kci, Todd, Tumi, Horata, Sean, Megan, Onnie, Oabi, Tilly and Taps
Guides: Lazi, Speedy, Chris, Zee, Archie, Willie, Ron, Nas and Lastie

Newsletter compiled by Oscar



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