Vumbura Plains - July 2017

Jul 3, 2017 Vumbura Plains
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Climate and Landscape
So where do we start? July was a fantastic month filled with all the winter delights that this part of the Delta has to offer. Vumbura was relatively cold with minimum temperatures reaching 11° Celsius and high temperatures reaching around the 22° C mark. This weather means that we have days filled with pure, warm sunshine and clear, starry nights around our warm fires.

The good weather has provided for the most amazing sightings of wildlife in and around camp as well as across the Kwedi Concession. Regular sightings of lions, especially the Four Boys Pride, as well good numbers of elephant were seen close to camp, often with lions hunting within the camp footprint.

Mma Lebala, our resident leopard, was seen quite often, looking relaxed or focused on her hunting missions as usual.

The wild dogs were also seen often between the two camps, sparking the question as to whether they have a den close by. Our expert guides confirmed this recently after finding a fresh den site just along Dibambara Road! Our deeply entrenched conservation ethics mean we have closed the den site until the little ones are big enough for viewing – this usually happens when the pups reach about nine weeks old. Watch this space!  

As well as the bigger animals seen in abundance one shouldn’t overlook the rare or the small that make up the biodiversity of the Okavango Delta. Vumbura has had a herd of 17 sable on the concession lately and since these antelope are endangered, it is always a welcome sight to see them with healthy calves. As the seasons change we have started to see the water levels drop, allowing for a lot of reptile movement of late with spectacular sightings of African rock pythons.

Camp Activities
Guests were welcomed to Vumbura Plains with great heart this month too, making for outstanding shared safari experiences. Our partnership with the community allows guests from all walks of life to experience the rich culture that Botswana has to offer, with both camps showing their beautiful traditions in basket weaving and carvings. The Plains are not just confined to our game viewing areas so next time take a village tour and experience the warm hospitality that our surrounding villages has to offer.

Alternatively join us in song and dance on Mondays for a traditional boma night and indulge in our top class food and beverage delights.

Our unique picnic and sundowner setups were also a hit among guests. These setups are usually laid out in the heart of our concession and allow our guests to sit back and enjoy either a refreshing drink or delightful lunch in the pristine environment we are privileged to call home.

Camp News
The environment is as important to us as it is to the people who visit it. This month we conducted an Environmental Management Study and this created great excitement amongst the managers here. These assessments are crucial in terms of our light footprint and eco-friendly attitude, which we need to maintain and spread through education. Our assessments were successful but we are forever learning and implementing new conservation and environmentally-friendly ideas.

Till next month from all of us at Vumbura Plains, we wish you a blessed August and safe journeys.

Staff in Camp
Managers South Camp: Megan, Sean, Penn, Onnie, Oabi, Ruth, Motty and Oscar
Managers North Camp: Kci, Todd, Tumi, KK, Horata
Guides: Emang, ST, Ron, Willie, Chris, Lazi, Zee and Ike

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