Vumbura Plains - November 2016

Nov 11, 2016 Vumbura Plains
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Climate and Landscape
Summer has truly arrived at Vumbura now as we are experiencing very high temperatures, with the highest recorded at 44° Celsius. The rains, however, have been teasing us with a maximum of just 20 mm falling this month… but we know that it is coming! Even with the small amount of rain the grass is already green while the trees are turning green and looking great.

Game was really good this month, especially sightings of the wild dogs. Our Golden Pack showed up a few times and, most impressively, another pack has also been around. This is a big pack consisting of 25 dogs. Usually only the alpha female breeds but this pack’s beta female has also given birth to a few pups and we are happy to say that all the older dogs are looking after all of the pups, including the beta’s young.

Surprise, surprise! Four new male lions have joined us on the Kwedi Concession. These are young males but are already very big. They have been killing buffalo around camp and have been seen walking through camp for a drink of water. One of the Kubu Pride females has given birth so here’s hoping that we have a few female cubs and the Kubu Pride can grow in numbers – we have so many boys running around at the moment.

A few cheetah have also visited us: a brother and sister followed by their mother a couple of days later. The male seemed to have hurt himself as the one morning they were chased by a few lions and he limped as he was running away. Let us hope his sister will manage to do all the hunting and feed him while he recovers.

Camp News
Down at Vumbura Plains South we have a pair of beautiful nesting paradise flycatchers. We’re hoping that the chicks grow up strong and healthy and the snakes leave them alone. As always when sitting at the bar or lounge area, we are always treated to some great animal sightings in front of camp.

A big pod of hippo has been visiting us – sometimes in the morning and sometimes at tea time. They have a few little ones with them who entertain us with all their playful antics. We also think there might be a water monitor lizard nest close by as we constantly see a couple of them run away from us when they hear us.

The sausage trees are fruiting and are carrying huge ‘sausages’, a great snack for the naughty baboons. We’ll definitely make sure they don’t fall on anyone’s head!

Managers in Camp:
Managers: Kci, Anton, Laura, Colleen, Horata
Guides: Lazi, Zee, Ike

Newsletter compiled by: Anton Geyer and Laura Moschini

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