Vumbura Plains - September 2017

Sep 14, 2017 Vumbura Plains
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Climate and Landscape
It seems like we are rapidly approaching summer as the temperatures have started to rise noticeably; our minimum temperature was 15° Celsius and the maximum reached 34° C.

The weather has changed as well, with a fair amount of wind blowing from all directions. As September ended, clouds were beginning to develop but were still very patchy and may only have been a teaser as we await the November rains.

The pale grass and leafless trees made game viewing easier here at Vumbura Plains this month. Where prey species concentrate, predators follow. During the night and in the early mornings, guests were woken by the roaring lions. The four-male coalition (Vumbura Boys) and the Kudu Pride were spotted frequently around the concession.

Our resident leopard Selonyana was seen as well, on hunting missions and resting in the sausage trees.

Lately, large herds of elephants have graced our area around the two camps, foraging and heading to the waterholes to drink and bathe. They also dig for water and leave the holes open, allowing smaller species to gain access to the treasured water.

Sightings of the more elusive species like wild dog, cheetah, pangolin and sable antelope were equally awesome this month. It seems like the female cheetah, which normally resides around the airstrip, is still protecting her cubs from predators like lions, as she has been often seen.

Camp Activities
Guests were entranced by our ‘wow’ activities and returned to camp with wide smiles on their faces.

We were lucky to host a lot of wonderful people this month! We did a number of magic setups for them, the most notable being a bush brunch at South Camp’s special spot.

The Okavango Delta has much to offer in terms of biodiversity and needs to be protected and sustained for future generations. As the saying goes, “You can only love what you understand, and you will only protect what you love”.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Kci, Kk, Horata, Tilly, Phenyo, Onnie, Oabi and Motty
Guides: Chris, Lazi, Tebla, Go, Ron, St and Willie

Newsletter compiled by Oscar

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