Xigera Camp - April 2017

Apr 5, 2017 Xigera Camp
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Climate and Landscape
April was a month of beginnings and endings: the beginning of the cold season, as we saw temperatures drop to winter levels, and the end of summer. It is also the month where we saw the water level rise so high that we believe the inundation this year will be higher than the last year or two.

Just when everyone thought the summer rains were over we had a day or two of storms which resulted in low temperatures and helped the Delta waters that are already on their way to pick up quickly, raising the level by over 20 cm in three days. I asked one of the older staff members, Mr Kit, about this. He said the rainfall is telling us that the main inundation is upon us, and that the winter has arrived. It is going to make the grasses die off and become flat and then we will be able to see further. These are the words of an experienced Delta local. We believe him as this is exactly what is already happening, slowly but surely.

The lions gave us a show never to be forgotten this month. Alex, one of our specialist private guides, passed by and called them tree lions after he photographed them up in the branches – just relaxing, and not because they were in danger. And then one of our Xigera guides, Wise, captured them up on a termite mound in what looked like a nest. So then we took to calling called them “nesting lions.” Interesting characters indeed.

Leopard sighting were good too. Although the water level has risen and the hunting ground for these cats is becoming limited, they have not been seen moving out of the area. They keep on delighting us as they come into and out of camp at their ‘appointed’ times.

Birds and Birding
Our Pel’s fishing-owl took birding to the next level this month. As if it was aware that our guests were looking for it, it would come and sit in a fig tree just across the channel from the main area. Although not that close, there was enough light for a decent photo – and just the fact that it was seen at all – and more often than not – made everybody happy. Beautiful malachite kingfishers, though hard to capture through the lens, leave tongues wagging about their beauty and how much they love to show off around our boats on the smaller channels around Xigera Camp.

Camp Activities
Fishing season has arrived, and boy, we caught good-sized fish when the stakes were right – like the 6.6 kg catfish we caught last week. The numbers of little fish we see around the boats in the floodplains and main channels around Xigera also promises a bright future for fishing in the next few months.

Meanwhile we naturally continue to offer our amazing mokoro experiences, boat cruises and game drives.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Quest, Malaki, Lady and Rose
Guides: Lesh, Onks, Kitso Wise, Filters, Andy and MP

Newsletter by Quest


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