Xigera Camp - August 2017

Aug 9, 2017 Xigera Camp
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Climate and Landscape
As the temperatures rise, so the water levels drop, leaving the banks of the Xigera Lagoon exposed and able to provide a pristine breeding site for the African skimmers. Yes! The African skimmers are back at Xigera Lagoon. In fact, the birdlife has been phenomenal in general with the temperatures warming up and the summer visitors arriving. If you are a bird lover this is the camp to be this season as all the aquatic birds of the Okavango have shown up in large numbers.

Due to the drop in the water levels in the Okavango Delta overall, we have not seen much lion activity around Xigera. This is due to the fact that they can now cross the water anywhere and can get to areas we cannot reach, whether by boat or by car. We do, however, hear them and have seen their tracks in our area of operation.

The usually elusive sitatunga was sighted numerous times in the month; this is due in part to the declining water levels in the seasonal floodplains, resulting in these aquatic antelope moving closer to the areas where we do our boat cruises. Because of their shyness however, we struggle to take pictures to share.

Crocodiles of many different sizes were seen basking along the channels and on the sand banks. Meanwhile back in the floodplains we were fascinated by hyaena and leopard interactions as the hyaenas would steal from the leopard’s kill and run off.

We were entertained by constant leopard activity around the concession, and even in camp. The dominant leopard this month was Motlalepula, a sister to Boitumelo. Just like her older sister she likes hanging around camp. However she was also seen out in the game drive area stalking red lechwe. Then, on one occasion just as she was about to go in for the kill, she fell into an elephant hole and was seen limping badly after that and could not continue with her hunt. She was also seen trying her luck on a big buffalo bull but was quickly shown who was boss as she was seen running for her life from the buffalo through the waters.

Big game like giraffe, buffalo and zebra, as well as kudu, has been seen in the north-western areas of the concession, and they bring a fascinating dimension to game viewing here.

The elephant are coming through in numbers; whether in breeding or bachelor herds, they are being seen all over our area.

Camp Activities
We continue to offer our mokoro outings as the mokoro station is just a five-minute boat ride or 15-minute drive from camp. We can still boat from Xigera Camp and our game drive areas are expanding as the water recedes.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Quest, Malaki, Nicole, Obbie
Guides: Onks, MP, Kitso

Compiled By Quest

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