Xigera Camp - May 2017

May 8, 2017 Xigera Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Although the month of May is supposed to be very cold, at Xigera we experienced warm days and nights and it was not that chilly. The lowest temperature recorded this month was 12° Celsius.

Xigera, on Paradise Island, is as beautiful as ever.

The male lions from the area south of the concession have been frequenting our area and could be heard calling at night. This sent the pride of eight onto our island, and although we did not see them every day, we knew they were around somewhere, hiding in the bushes to the north-east of camp. The adult Xigera females left the island from time to time to survey the western side of camp as well as the airstrip and surrounding islands, checking if it was safe to take the young ones out – unfortunately not yet though, and they always came back onto our camp island very quickly.

The leopards at Xigera: It was a given during May that leopards would be our “daily bread” – well, almost. We have had one young male frequenting our camp island walkway, practically patrolling and walking on the boardwalks; so much so that we have dubbed him “Cat Walking in Xigera!”

On one occasion, the same young leopard came through camp at twilight, checking the back-of-house, kitchen and the guest loo, as well as spending a good 30 minutes under the main area.

Another encounter had the guests watching the leopard stalking an impala; he caught it but little did he know there was looming danger in the form of lionesses who were stalking the same antelope. When the leopard realised that there were hungry lionesses around, he dragged his meal up a tree where he knew it would be safe.

Birds and Birding
While the pied kingfishers continue to command attention as they are seen hovering over the channels and diving to catch small fish, the malachite kingfishers continue to be very visible – thanks to their incredible colours – in the channels – if difficult to catch on camera.

The Pel’s fishing-owl has been seen regularly so imagine how delighted the guests who specifically came to see it were, and did so every day! There must be something delicious coming out of the Xigera kitchen as the Pel’s was seen sitting in the big African mangosteen tree next to the kitchen for an entire day.

Camp Activities
The good news for boat cruise lovers is that trips to the east of the Jao-Boro Channel are a reality again after two years of our boats not venturing into those areas. The first boat managed to go as far as Croc Corner where there are good numbers of buffalo and amazing birdlife. We should be able to do full-day boating soon.

Our magic safari moments and bush brunches have our guests leave with smiles and tears on their faces. On ours too, as we are happy that they have enjoyed their stay here with us, but at the same time we are sad that they are leaving. However, we comfort ourselves with the thought that we’ve had a good time – together. One of our Australian guests commented: “Every time I see the Southern Cross I will remember Team Xigera and will know my family is well in Botswana.”

We continue to offer our amazing mokoro experiences, boat cruises and game drives, although the game drive areas are quickly becoming non- existent due to the rising water levels in the Okavango.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Quest, Malaki, Alice and Rose and Tilly   
Guides: Lesh, Onks, Kitso Wise, Filters and MP

Newsletter by Quest

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