Xigera Camp - September 2017

Sep 4, 2017 Xigera Camp
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Climate and Landscape
As the temperature is rising so the water level drops in equal measure, resulting in an outstanding concentration of water birds. For bird lovers, Xigera at this time of year provides amazing sightings.

Elephant have started showing up in good numbers in and around the rivers and the floodplains. This is a sure sign that they need to cool down. They were seen bathing and having a really good time in the rivers, an event that is splendid to watch.

“The wild dogs are back!” shouted one of the staff members, after seeing the way an impala, an antelope that is not very adept in water, was fearfully running and splashing as it crossed to the other side of a channel. We quickly checked. Yes, they were here. The last time we saw dogs was about six months ago but due to the winter inundation they have been “locked” on another island, which could not be accessed by vehicle or boat.

You could see the excitement on the faces of the guides as they waited for their guests to quickly finish their breakfast and follow them. Two impalas were taken down and quickly finished before the dogs started running towards the southern side of the concession, and the guides knew they must be going to deliver the food back to the den. Hopes for puppies were high. The dogs emerged again after two days and the guides saw them with two, no four, no! Six puppies! Another thrilling sighting was seeing them from a boat excursion, just too wonderful.

Leopards also didn’t disappoint with their displays of beauty, courage and skill. A mother was seen with her two cubs, and another mother and daughter were found fighting for a kill; a few times the leopards even walked into camp.

General game like buffalo and zebra, as well as kudu, has been seen here as well, especially now that the game drive areas south of the concession have opened up. It’s been more than eight months since we were able to cross to the south and the area has proved to be amazingly productive of late.

Camp Activities
Now, we believe some like it hot. We had some guests requesting a dip in the Delta waters so we took them to a beautiful lagoon with brilliant white sand and crystal-clear water, allowing them to immerse themselves in the purified waters of the Okavango accompanied by refreshing drinks and a beautiful sunset.

We’d love you to come and stay with us here at Xigera soon.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Obbie, Quest, Malaki, Nicole
Guides: MP, Kitso, Lesh, Onks, Filters

Newsletter by Quest
Images by Filters

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