Bisate Lodge, Volcanoes, Rwanda

Bisate Lodge is a Premier Camp

4Cs Projects at Bisate Lodge

As a camp dedicated to sustainable conservation and community, Bisate Lodge is intimately involved in projects that support these as well as the rest of the 4Cs principles.

Mountain Gorilla Conservation

Bisate is to be a Centre of Excellence for learning about great apes, focusing on the Critically Endangered mountain gorilla, but ultimately to help drive the local sustainable conservation economy – which drives gorilla conservation. Bisate’s core purpose will be the physical expansion of Volcanoes National Park and thus an increased population of Critically Endangered mountain gorilla in Rwanda.

Bisate Community Partnership

Wilderness Safaris has formed a partnership with the surrounding community which includes the purchase of the Bisate site from 103 community members, thus injecting $500 000 into the community. During the lodge construction over 200 people from the local community were temporarily employed and currently 24 community members are permanently employed and trained. A community cooperative has been formed for equitable procurement of fresh produce and other goods from land adjacent to the site.

Habitat Restoration

One of our most exciting initiatives is the reforestation of the 43 hectares (103 acres) of Bisate land in a phased approach. This area is set to mimic the volcanoes’ natural vegetation zones with a bamboo forest at the lower level, while further up, hagenia and dombea trees, amongst others, will recreate the atmosphere of indigenous rainforest and will lead to a natural recolonisation of the reforested land by endemic and indigenous wildlife.

'Every guest a philanthropist’

During the building phase of Bisate Lodge, we planted more than 15 000 indigenous trees on the site. To continue this reforestation initiative, we encourage our guests to spend time in the tree nursery and to plant a tree during their stay, thus contributing directly to the restoration of the area.

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