Bisate Lodge, Volcanoes, Rwanda

Bisate Lodge is a Premier Camp

Wildlife and Cultural Interactions at Bisate Lodge

Aside from the area’s iconic mountain gorillas, other mammals that call Volcanoes National Park home include the golden monkey, side-striped jackal, serval, black-fronted duiker, buffalo, elephant, tree hyrax, bushbuck  and Egyptian mongoose. A variety of squirrel and genet species are also to be found here. Of the 178 bird species in the area, at least 13 are endemic to the Virunga area such as Archer’s robin chat, mountain black boubou, strange weaver, Rwenzori batis, mountain masked apalis and Rwenzori (collared) apalis.

Visits to Rwanda are as much about people as they are about nature and Bisate’s location in a friendly rural area allows for ad hoc and planned interaction with the local community … whether in the fields, at their homes or in the local markets.

What you can see at Bisate Lodge

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