Doro Nawas, Damaraland, Namibia

Doro Nawas Camp is an Adventures Camp

4Cs Projects at Doro Nawas Camp

Doro Nawas Camp is a joint venture between Wilderness Safaris and the 1 500-strong Doro !Nawas community. This joint venture is acknowledged as a shining example of modern community-based ecotourism.

Doro !Nawas Conservancy

The enormous Doro !Nawas Conservancy is 407 300 hectares and represents some 450 community members. In addition to acting as landlords in the conservancy, these community members hold a 40% share in Doro Nawas Camp. All camp staff come from the community and are skilled up by Wilderness Safaris. Benefits flow directly into the conservancy and its members.

Eco-friendly Practices

Doro Nawas Camp is set in a fragile ecosystem, and therefore has been built with the aim of minimal impact on the environment. Solar-heated water is used for the showers and we make use of innovative eco-friendly systems to break down waste water. The camp is powered by a hybrid system, where a diesel-powered generator charges a bank of batteries that in turn supplies the camp with electricity through an inverter. This means that the generator operates for eight hours only as opposed to 24 hours a day.

Pack for a Purpose

Wilderness Safaris has partnered with Pack for a Purpose, a non-profit organisation that provides travellers with up-to-date information about required supplies for community-based projects. Guests that would like to bring along a contribution can view the needs list for Dorro Nawas Camp’s community projects on the Pack for a Purpose website.

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“ We came to see the Desert Adapted Elelpants and we were fortunate to view them on both the afternoon and morning game drives. ”
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