Linyanti Tented Camp, Linyanti, Botswana

Linyanti Tented Camp is an Adventures Camp

4Cs Projects at the Linyanti Tented Camp

Linyanti Tented Camp lives up to the Wilderness 4Cs concept – the four dimensions of Commerce, Conservation, Community and Culture, providing support to numerous projects and initiatives in the Linyanti.

Reducing our Footprint

Linyanti Tented Camp is powered by a hybrid system, combining a generator which charges a bank of batteries that in turn supplies the camp with electricity through an inverter. Solar geysers are in place to provide hot water to the camp and waste water (sewage and grey water) is treated in an Above Ground Sewage Plant, ensuring that the water is clean before being allowed to re-enter the natural environment.

Conservation Projects

Linyanti Tented Camp works closely with local government bodies to ensure the conservation of wildlife in the area. It carries out dedicated conservation and research focused on species on the IUCN Red List such as the African wild dog, elephant, lion and roan antelope.