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Kenya: Where safaris began

Kenya has endless savannah plains and scorched deserts interrupted by snow-capped mountains, cool highlands and equatorial forests. The scenic coastline possesses the atmosphere of a paradise island and is sprinkled with colourful coral reefs.

 The highland areas of Central Kenya – including the Laikipia Plateau – provide rich soil for farming, making Kenya one of the most agriculturally productive countries in Africa; this area is considered the fertile breadbasket of the Kenyan people. Four rivers, of which one is perennial, flow through the area making for an even more compelling locale for animals and people alike.

Things to look forward to in Kenya:

  • Witnessing the remarkable phenomenon of the wildebeest migration
  • Game drives in open savannah grasslands teeming with wildlife
  • Meeting the Maasai people in their homes
  • Searching for rare and Endangered species like beisa oryx, Grevy’s zebra and patas monkey
  • Gazing over the uninterrupted African landscapes, capped by iconic Mount Kenya

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Why Kenya?

  • First time to Africa
  • Travelled to Africa
  • Seasoned Traveller
  • Kenya is where the concept of ‘safari’ began and is renowned for its vast and numerous wildlife reserves.
  • Laikipia is a place where elephants meet cattle, the Maasai still live a traditional lifestyle, and the African sun shines on a valley with snow-capped Mount Kenya on the horizon.
  • Wilderness Collection’s Segera Camp focuses on sustaining and supporting nature and communities; all our guests automatically help us accomplish our goal.


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  • Green Season Highlights

    • The rains bring a clear air, lush surrounds and great photographic opportunities
    • Views of Mount Kenya are good with less haze than the dry season
    • Herds of grazers like plains zebra, gazelles and their predators move onto Segera's lush plains
  • Dry Season Highlights

    • Game concentrates around the remaining water sources including the Ewaso Nyiro River and Segera's various waterholes
    • Good sightings of predators and other wildlife